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First Impressions

No description

Gabriela Soto

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of First Impressions

First Impressions
First Impressions

Consider the following questions and then fill in your best guess:

It takes ___ seconds (s) to make a first impression.
It takes approximately ___ more meetings to change or undo a bad first impression.
___% of our message is through our body language.
___% of our message is through our tone.
___% of our message is through our words.

* Quiz taken from NC Civic Education Consortium.*
Drive-Thru Impression
Closing Remarks
Hot Potato!
Hot Potato Introduction
Split into two groups of 15.
Can we all introduce ourselves... in 30 seconds?
State your name and department you work for before time runs out!

Neda Nickfardjam, Guillermo Perez, & Gabriela Soto
Take a few seconds to think about an activity/skill that someone wouldn't expect of you.
You have 30 seconds to introduce yourself to the person next to you & share with them that activity/skill.
Answers to Pop Quiz
It takes 4-30(s) to make a first impression.
It takes approximately 20 more meetings to change or undo the effects of a bad first impression.
55% of our message is through our body language (will be elaborating more.)
38% of our message is through our tone.
7% of our message is through our words.

Proper Attire:
The Do's and Dont's of Business Fashion.
Volume of speech
Be Prepared
Know the job
Be well rested
"Almost everyone will make a good impression, but only few will make a good lasting impression."
-Sonya Parker
Questions or comments?
Body Language, Tone and Your Words.
Body Language
The way you say things
Your Words
* Quiz Answers taken from NC Civic Education Consortium*
Appropriate vs. Inappropriate
Interview Tips
Be confident!
Give a firm hand shake
Eye contact is a must.
if trouble w/ eye contact look @ nose.
Dress appropriately
No big/chunky jewelry.
Hide tattoos & inappropriate piercings( i.e. eyebrow, cheek, tongue, etc.)
No perfume.
Be prepared to answer questions w/ YOUR real life experiences.
Making that first impression count!
Learning Objectives
Knowing the basics of a first impression
How to market yourself in a job interview and the USU
Knowing the proper techniques of having a great job interview
Understanding the importance of body language, tone, and words
Additional Resources
Career Center
Mock Interviews
Job Fairs
Other Staff Members

First Impressions with Patrons
Amongst SAE's and Professional Staff
Be presentable
Be polite
Know your job
Go above & beyond!
Be respectful
Maintain Proffessionalism
Communication Skills
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