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Louis Riel: A Hero

No description

emily dunford

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Louis Riel: A Hero

Louis Riel: A Hero
How do I and may others see him?
Who was Louis Riel?
Louis Riel was born in the late October of 1844.
Riel was known for many things in his time, he was looked at as both a Hero and a Villain.
Leading two rebellions and being known as the father of Manitoba Riel was a hard working man, with two kids and a wife. He went to school to be a priest .
Riel was killed over a hundred years ago, he was executed for treason in November of 1885.

About Louis Riel
Louis Riel was born in the Red River Settlement which is now known as Winnipeg. Although he is seven-eighths white ancestry, Riel always described himself as a Metis (a person of mixed European and Aboriginal ancestry, who generally hunted buffalo and traded furs). Riel left home for the first time at age fourteen when he traveled to Montreal to study for the priesthood. Riel proved himself a serious and gifted student, and Archbishop Tache of St. Boniface found a generous patron willing to fund his education in Quebec. Observers described Riel's disposition at the seminary as somber or taciturn--even by the standards of an institution rarely known for its cheerfulness. He struck his masters as deeply faithful and scholarly, but a bit odd and reclusive. He spent spare time composing poems. The only surviving example of his verse from that period is unusually morose, describing the wanderings of a misunderstood hero: "In pain he consumes his days, a brim with bitterness."
Hero and villains always contribute to all great stories . Louis Riel one of the most controversial figures in Canadian history now argued as both a villain and a hero. he was hanged on November 16 1885 for treason but was he a real villain? Louis Riel is undoubtedly a national hero because he stood up for Metis rights, was responsible for the formation of Manitoba, and called attention to the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Why is Louis Riel known in Canadian History?
Louis Riel was the leader of the Métis in western Canada who led his people in revolt against Canadian sovereignty.
In 1869, the Métis revolted against the transfer of their territories from the Hudson's Bay Company to the Dominion of Canada, and Louis Riel was their leader.
Louis Riel
Louis Riel is a name everyone should remember, a role model for many, he stood up for his name, his country, and his people, because he had hope, he set his mind, and did everything he could to make that thing he thought come true. he may have died doing this, and went through trouble along the way, but what he did made him a hero, not a villain.
By: Emily Dunford 8B
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