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Developing ideas

No description

antonia palacios

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Developing ideas

Developing Ideas
During this second stage of the inquiry design cycle,you need to follow a procedure . You can use different strategies and statistics to organize and start creating something throughout your ideas checking the pros and cons and then choosing and eliminating options
When you develop a design specification you must put all your good and strong ideas to make the cycle. These is a very important part of the cycle this is one of the most useful part of the project.
example: you put all your options
Develop Design Ideas
Develop Design Ideas
Develop planning drawings
Present the chosen design
Developing ideas
By: Antonia Palacios, Alejandra Bustamante, Elisa Davalos,
Carmen Maria Vasquez,
Domenica Valdivieso,
Isabella Lopez

During developing ideas you'll have to see the different options and criteria to make your solution. You'll be looking for different solutions and ideas, writing the pros and cons of each idea.

Develop a design specification

Developing a design specification means to make a list of your ideas. These need to be your strong ans specific ideas.
Present the chosen design
Presenting your design is a part really important of the cycle. It's important because you show your final design and see the negative parts and the positive parts. Before that you decide and show all your ideas you have and then you chose the most you like or prefer and witch will be the best for you solution.
Ex: You have 3 plans and different ideas for going to Florida and you have to see witch will be the most convenient and the best of the 3 ideas. Then you choose one and present it and try to make it better.
Is an idea that you have on an idea that the you draw the design or diagram of the model.example: website navigation maps,dealing storyboards (videos and animations),detailing sketch. You draw a more specific design.
For example:
If your solution was a bike you0ll draw how your last decision was, how thw wheels were, etc.
In develop design ideas is when you think of your possible solutions and draw a sketch. You use the information of design specification to draw and make the sketch. You usually think of 2 or 3 solutions.
For example:
If your solution would be to buy/make a bike you'll have to draw the wheels, and everything. You can do more than one drawing to have more alternatives.
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