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Progress Report,Result Analysis &

No description

Vrushali Ghadge

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Progress Report,Result Analysis &

System Requirements
Requierements Analysis
1. Generation of Progress card of students according to given information like sem,class,year,etc.

2. Make Result analysis & graphs according to subjects.

3. Generation of time table without overlapping any sloat.
Thank you........
1. Database System Concept by korth
2.Professional Visual studio 2008
Progress Report,Result Analysis &
Time Table Generation
Presented By
1.Ghadge Vrushali S. 13CS204
2.Koli Jyoti D. 13CS226
3.Koli Namrata A. 13CS227
4.Koli Shital S. 13CS228
Name Roll No
2.Requierment Analysis
Year 2015-16
Under the Guidence of:
System Architecture
Operating system:Windows 7 or any windows os
Front End : C# .NET
Back End :Sql Server 2008
IDE :Microsoft visual studio 2008
Implementation of crystal report
1.Import data
2.Maintain student master according to year,sem.
3.Maintain Proctor Master
4.Generation of report
Progress Report,Result Analysis and
Time Table Generation

Time Table Generation
Progress Report Analysis

1.Student Master
2.Proctor Master
3.Test Master
4.Monthwise attendence
5. Generation of Crystal report
1. Use Of genetic algorithm
2. Take input data of teacher,students,etc
Result Analysis
1. To take the data of students & make a database in requiered form.
2. Generation of graph according subject
Result Analysis
1. Get data from Gridview

2. According to Selected year, sem
and class generate result analysis

3. Generation of graph for class according to year.

Time Table
1. Provide the input as a Teacher details,classrooms/labs details,student details,subjects details,time slot details.

2. Make time table without making any
overlapping in time slot.

3. make fields editable for changing
Time Table Generation
1. Ghadge vrushali 13CS204
2. Koli Jyoti D. 13CS226
3. Koli Shital S. 13CS228
4.Koli Namrata A. 13CS227
Progress Report
Result Analysis
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