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Zappos HR

No description

Jessica Smith

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Zappos HR

Training, Benefits, and Recruitment Presented by: Thank you! Honglin Wang Company information and History Culture! Any Questions? 1999 founded by
Nick Swinmurn as Shoesites.com in Headquarters in Henderson, Nevada Warehouse in Shepherdsville, Kentucky Products: Shoes! Handbags Eyewear Accessories Apparel 1500+ Employees Founded by Nick Swinmurn;
Shoesites.com begins 1999 changed name to Zappos.com;
Venture Frogs invested 1.1 million 2000 largest shoe retailer 2001 2002 opened fulfillment center in Shepherdsville, Kentucky Zappos sales top 70 million 2003 2004 Received first round of venture capital; moved the headquarters from San Francisco to Henderson, Nevada 2009 Acquisition by Amazon Zappos culture Jessica Smith Sandi Karman Instead of focusing on individual training... Zappos has a training pipeline that allows for varying levels of ability. Many courses are required in order for an employee to be promoted to certain levels within the company, regardless of which department he or she may be in . Examples of classes:
Zappos History, Zappos Culture, Tribal Leadership, Happiness 101, Public Speaking and more Basic benefits package:
Life Work Life Classes on:
Financial topics
Smoking cessation
And more! They also provide outside help to alleviate problems for their employees:
-Employee assistance programs
-Legal help
-Cab vouchers
-On-site health screenings
-Wellness fairs
-Concierge services
-Much more Along with benefits to keep employees physically and financially well, Zappos offers benefits for mental wellness as well:
Nap rooms
Team outings
Vacation time
Other opportunities to destress. How does a company sift through over 30,000 resumes a year to find those few candidates that completely fit the role they are hiring for, as well as the company’s culture? Immediacy and Quality Stop at Applicants And respond personally to each applicant They also encourage video cover letters They also work to form relationships with early college interns.
This will allow them to see if there is a mutual fit. Core Values Deliver WOW through service Embrace and Drive Change Create fun and a little weirdness Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded Pursue growth and learning Build open and honest relationships with communication Build a positive team and family spirit Do more with less Be passionate and determined Be Humble $ Tony Hsieh
CEO Delivering Happiness
-Perceived progress
-Connectedness, meaning the number and depth of your relationships
-Perceived control
-Being part of something bigger than yourself Five Leadership lessons from Zappos Be clear about your culture and your values. Make it easy, and get it right. Build solid relationships. Innovate Have fun along the way.
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