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Baker's Dozen #3: Privacy and Avatars

Part of a self-paced class on privacy and identity on the web.

Lisa Bunker

on 26 August 2011

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Transcript of Baker's Dozen #3: Privacy and Avatars

Avatars & Privacy on the Web The bottom line?
have fun
share who you are (a little, at least)
be smart & safe It could be your idea of paradise Love your truck or car?
Use it as your avatar. Is this me? Your profile picture, or "avatar,"
can be many things... Or pick a favorite movie How about a cartoon character
you really like? Be what you want to be. Tell people
as much or as little as you want. How about your goofy dog Or something you made Yup!
I made this at
www.faceyourmanga.com This too.
I made this at unique.rasterboy.com And this is me.
I made this at
www.messdudes.com I had fun making this one,
but you need a Yahoo! account This could be me too. I made it at
wimpyourself.com What about this?
Am I sharing too much?
Or do you want to know the story? Joining an online community is similar to walking into a party where you only know a few people. Until you get comfortable, it is a good idea to show just a small piece of who you are -- just enough to be friendly and interesting. You can add more later. So the possibilities are endless Childhood photos
are fun to use too. Here's something fun:
There are websites where
you can make a cartoon
of yourself. How fun is this?
I made it at
MadMenYourself.com The same thing with your avatar, or profile picture. It doesn't have to be your photo, as long as it "represents" you. Still don't know what you want to use?
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