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Prezi for Dummies

No description

Willem Gispen

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Prezi for Dummies

Prezi for Dummies Thanks for watching! There are a few steps:
Creating your Prezi account
Creating your first Prezi Surf to prezi.com and click "Sign up" Click "Public" Fill in what's asked, agree and click "Sign up" You've succesfully created your account! There are a few steps:
Creating your first Prezi Click on "+ New Prezi" Choose a template
(items that will be there when you start) You have now started creating a Prezi! Frames are rectangular or circular objects that can, invisibly or visibly, group objects. They can be guided to as well. You will later learn about guiding with a Path.
Layouts are grouped objects made by Prezi itself just to make your life easier. A template is a group of items that will be there when you start.
A theme is just what your Prezi looks like. It includes the fonts and colour of items and background.
In this menu you can:
- Choose another template
- Customize your current theme
- Save your current theme You can add images from:
- Your computer
- Google Images From the Shapes menu, you can add a couple of things. These are:
- Symbols (preset images)
- Arrows
- Lines
- Rectangles
- Circles
- Triangles
You can use the pencil and the highlighter as well. From here, you can add a video from YouTube, by inserting the YouTube link, and from your computer. In here, you can add your currently selected things to your Library. You can use them in other Prezis. Just remember to save often!
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