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Persian gulf war

No description

Mikenna Penrod

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Persian gulf war

August 2nd,1990- February 28th 1991
Two years after Iran-Iraq war.
United States
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom
known as Gulf War
7 August 1990—Operation Desert Shield begins
first US forces arrive in Saudi Arabia.
21 January 1991—Congress grants George H.W. Bush to use military force.
16 January 1991—Air campaign begins against military leadership targets in Kuwait and Iraq
24 February 1991—Desert Storm begins, coalition ground forces drive on Iraqi forces in Kuwait
3 March 1991—Iraq accepts conditions for permanent cease fire.
Saddam Hussein ordered forces to invade Kuwait
Kuwait had a large oil reserves
Hussein was looking for new territorial gains
Persian gulf war
Saddam Hussein
The Persian Gulf War is about the conflict between Iraq and 39 nations.
Persian Gulf war
crazy in the head

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