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Nuclear catastrophes

No description

Lennart Graf

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Nuclear catastrophes

injurious for the health
damage to the nature
nuclear waste
what we can do against these catastrophes
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Zone of Alienation
30 km zone around the 4.block
197 people live in this zone
red forrest- to much metal in the air
affected people: 600.000
serious ill person: 125.000
most of the nuclear waste goes into the water (300.000 liter per day)
160.000 peoples lost their houses
7 hectare of the pacific ocean must cover with cement
2000 workers were contaminated
a big safe zone with a 30km radius
alternative sources of energy(e.g. windpower)
more earthquake security
-> build the power stations
on places, which are
pros and cons
little CO2 output
not to replace with renewable energies
constant and predictable producer of
radioactivity is dangerous
low priced
the waste must be secure in a special depot
Two catastrophes and
the same

beginning of the project: 1970
commercial start: 27 may 1978
closed: 15 december 2000
in the Ukraine

when: 11.03.2011
where: Fukushima (Japan)
opening: 26.03.1971
cost 180 Billion Euros
owner: tepco
tepco is futhermore responsible for the building
11. March 2011:
earthquake in the ocean near japan -> Tsunami
the extern power supply went down -> cooling station can´t work
the Tsunami hits the nuclear power station => reactor 3+4 hydrogen explosion
on the 26 april 1986 at 1.23am
meltdown in the 4.block
experiment against the orders
simulation of a power black out
abuses against the safety rules
build until november 1986 a "Sakrophag"
Increased Radiation
spread of the radioactivity
The Nuclear powerstation
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