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implementing the curriculum

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on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of implementing the curriculum

Curriculum Evaluation
curriculum evaluation as part of total educational evaluation refers to a systematic process of judging the value, effectiveness and adequacy of a curriculum: it's a process , product or setting which will lead to informed decision. Evaluation should be useful and systematic. The information gathered should be important for the improvement of and for final judging of the curriculum being evaluated.
implementing the curriculum
pilot testing, monitoring and evaluating the Implementation of the curriculum
Pilot Testing or Field Try-out
whenever the curriculum is written as in books, modules etc. or the whole curricular program, there's a need to have a try-out or field testing. This process will gather empirical data to support whether the material or the curriculum is useful , relevant, reliable and valid.

Curriculum Monitoring
monitoring asked the question: how are we doing?
It is important to determine if the curriculum is still relevant and effective, how the curriculum is working , provides decision on what aspects have to be retained, improved and modified, Provide decisions that would even end or terminate the program.
in the implementation of a curriculum, there are processes needed after it has been written before it is accepted for final implementation. pilot testing or field try-out is one of the common practices of curriculum makers to determine the strength and the weaknesses of a written or planned curriculum. likewise monitoring and evaluation of a curriculum are also important in the implementation.
modification and revision are inherent characteristics of a curriculum. A pilot test or try out is a developmental process that gives the signal as to whether the particular curriculum can already be implemented with confidence.
School-Based Evaluation
is an approach to curriculum evaluation which places the content, design, operation, and maintenance of evaluation procedure in the hands of the school personnel. The school personnel participate in planning and conducting of school evaluation where the control and management of the process rest on the school personnel themselves.
This is the voluntary process of submitting a curricular program to an external accrediting body for review in any level of education: basic, tertiary or graduate school to assure standard. Accreditation studies the statement of the school intentions of the school and affirms a standard of excellence.

Among the many purposes of accreditation are to foster excellence and improve programs . The curricular accreditation will assure the academic community, other agencies and the general public that the curriculum meets standard comparable to other excellent institutions offering similar programs.
Evaluation of Academic Performance
In curriculum, its necessary that learning outcomes be evaluated. After all the best measure of a curriculum is the learning outcome of the students.
The evaluations of students performance should make use of valid and reliable tools which are periodically reviewed and revised.
Areas for accreditation under Curriculum and Instruction
Program of studies includes the clusters knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and experiences that will provide the students at any level with the necessary competencies for effective learning. A list of subjects or courses to be taken and arrange in logical order compose the program of studies
Classroom Management
For effective instructions, the use of appropriate classroom management is suggested. The teacher who implements the curriculum sees to it that management of teaching and learning in the classroom follow procedure and guidance to enhance and create an environment conducive to learning. An environment conducive to learning considers the physical as well as the human factors.
Instructional Processes or methodologies
The decision of choosing and using the method of teaching is a crucial factor in curriculum and instruction. There are valid methodologies that are compatible with the different learning style of the students. These emerging strategies of teaching follow principles and theories that enhance learning outcomes. As teachers, there's a need to know not only the steps or strategies of teaching but to understand the pedagogical content knowledge of each strategy.
Graduation Requirements
Graduation means successful accomplishment of the curricular program of studies. A student has to accomplish its academic program as prescribed in the program of studies. These requirements are clearly understood upon enrollment in college by the students and by the parents of the students in the elementary or high school. The grade requirements of each subjects should be known.
Administrative support for Effective Instruction
A curriculum can best implemented if there is support of the schools administrations.
reported by:
Mary Vian Ceribo
Mae Rose D. Mojica
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