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1StepEnglish - Phrasal Verbs - Get

A short lesson on examples of phrasal verbs using the word 'get' + prepositions.

English Tutor 1StepEnglish

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of 1StepEnglish - Phrasal Verbs - Get

Common phrasal verbs using the word 'get' + a preposition!! Phrasal Verbs CHECKPOINT 1
Let's get started!! Finished!! One of the best ways to learn English is to learn phrases...NOT just singular words.

In this lesson, you will learn common phrasal verbs for the word 'GET' + a preposition.

'Get' is the verb describing the action +
the preposition to describe the direction. Get something across or over... CHECKPOINT 2 Checkpoint 3 Get back into something

Meaning – To become interested in something again
Example – I finally got back into my book and enjoyed it.

Get on something

Meaning – To get onto a bike
Example – We’re going to freeze out here unless you let us get on your bus.

Get over something

Meaning – To get over and illness or a difficult time
Example – I just got over the flu and now my cousin has it
CHECKPOINT 4 Well done! You have successfully completed all checkpoints.
You can re-visit any checkpoint at any time.

We hope you enjoyed our mini lesson on phrasal verbs.

Look out for more coming soon!
www.1stepenglish.com MEANING: To make something more understandable by using communication.

EXAMPLE: I tried to get my version of what happened across to the police officer. To get along or get on with someone...
MEANING – When two people like each other or get on well.

EXAMPLE - I was surprised at how well my new girlfriend and my sister got along.

Get around... Meaning – To have mobility.

Example – My grandad can get around really well in his new wheelchair.

Get away... Meaning – To go on a holiday/vacation somewhere.

Example – My family and I have decided to get away sometime this

Get away with something... Meaning – Without being noticed or punished

Example – My sister always gets away with not
paying the food bill.

Get back... Meaning – Get back from somewhere

Example – We got back from our vacation yesterday.

Get something back... Meaning – To receive something you had lost

Example – Liz finally got her license documents back from her brother.

Get back at someone... Meaning – To seek revenge on someone

Example – He sought to get back at his brother after his secret had been revealed.

Get round to something

Meaning – Finally found time to get round to something
Example – I don’t know when I’m going to get round to writing the thank you cards.

Get together

Meaning – Meet usually for social reasons
Example – Let's get together for a drink this weekend.

Get up

Meaning – Get up out of bed
Example – I got up early today for my exam.

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