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Atomic Betty

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of illegalchingchongs

Chen Shui-bian
Chen Shui-Bian
Chen Shui-Bian, a retired Taiwanese politican and lawyer who served as the President of the Republic of China from 2000 to 2008 was arrested for allegations of corruption and abuse of authority. Chen was accused of fraud which involved the handling of special presidential funds used to pursue Taiwan's foreign diplomacy. Prosecutors charged Chen with embezzling a bribe of roughly $3m from a special predential office fund, accepting bribes of about $9.8m for a land deal, laundering money through Swiss banks and forging documents.
Political Cartoons
Background Research
Money Laundering Scandal in China
Money Laundering Scandal
After more than five years of investigation by the Special Investigation Division,the case of money-laundering in Palau against Chen Shui-Bian was dropped because of the lack of any evidence of his wrongdoing. On August 14,2008 Chen called a press conference and admitted to forwarding leftover money from campaign coffers to overseas accounts. He claimed that his wife forwarded the money to overseas accounts without him knowing. On August 17 2008, the Supreme Court Prosecutor's Office announced that investigators took away boxes of documents from Chen's house, office and his brother in law's (Wu Ching-Mao) home. Chen had $21 million at overseas banks in the name of his family members. Prosecutors found at least NT$1.5 million had been spent on diamond rings and other luxury items for his wife. Aside from that, The Taipei District Court formally arrested and jailed Chen on November 12. Chen went on a hunger strike as a way of protesting. On November 16, 2008, Chen collapsed and was rushed to Taipei's Far Eastern Memorial Hospital due weakness from dehydration caused by six days of malnutrition. After this occurrence , Chen Shui-bian was released without bail on 13 December 2008 after being indicted for money-laundering and misuse of public funds hours earlier. On 6 January 2009, the Taiwan High Court upheld a lower court decision to detain Chen and no more detention ruling was permitted.
Talk Asia sat down with former President Chen Shui-bian for an exclusive interview in 2007. The reporter, Anjali Rao, begins the interview by questioning him in regards to the corruption scandal that involved him and his family. Rao asks President Chen, how he and his family have been coping with their situation. "Of course, it is regrettable, and I feel very sad about it. Many things shouldn't have happened, but they happened anyway. Of course, we must respect the judicial process. We must believe in our judiciary." responded President Chen.
Soon after, Taipei Times interviewed the son of President Chen; Chen Chih-chung. He revealed that he has considered entering the world of politics since the legal conflicts associated with his family."My father has been treated unfairly and prevented from speaking out while in detention for some 530 days. He and his supporters hope I can become his voice and seek justice for him,” explained Chen Chih-chung.“I had never planned to go down the road of politics, but this is a mission I have to undertake for my father. I am ready to run to defend my father and to speak up for him.” he continued.
All Court Cases Against Chen Shui-Bian
Damage Control
Editorial View-points
When news of the scandal broke out to the public, it became controversial ever since. Some of the people of Taiwan continue to support the Chen Shui-bian, while others feel that he should've stepped down.
"I am not surprised by these developments. Chen Shui-bian has lost the pride of being president. He is losing supporters in the nation - even though it has not been proved that he is corrupt...I believe he and his wife have set a bad example to the nation. I believe it is a grave problem that he cannot be charged just because he is the president. " said one woman from Taipei.
"Such things cannot be decided by the mass media, by people like you and me. It has to be decided by the legal system. In fact, I'm very sceptical of our mass media. They don't report news but treat each news story as a drama.We have to wait and see. I don't think the president should step down just because of these charges. I don't want to prejudge whether he is right or wrong. " says one man from Taichung.
On December 29 2008, Chen defended himself once again as being innocent for his corruption charges. After considering the case, the court ordered Chen Shui-Bian to return to jail for pending trial on corruption charge. The Taiwan High Court upheld a lower court decision to detain the Chen Shui-Bian. The court made the decision after Chen's lawyer appealed the Taipei District Court's December 29th choice to put Chen back into custody. On 8 June 2010, the Taipei District Court found Chen Shui-bian not guilty of embezzling diplomatic funds and On 11 June, the High Court decided to cut Chen's life sentence for corruption to 19 years in jail. The Republic of China Supreme Court sentenced Chen and his wife, Wu Shu-Jen to 11 years in prison for taking bribes for a land procurement scam in Longtan and 8 years in a separate office-buying scandal.
Comparison in Scandals between Chen Shui-Bian and John A. Macdonald
Both involved in scandals from receiving bribe money
Both resigned from their positions
Chen Shui-Bian
The Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office appointed that Chen Shui-bian took a bribe of NT$10 million (US$318,000) from former Taipei Financial Center Corp chairwoman Diana Chen to help her secure an appointment at a securities firm along with fraud which involved the handling of special presidential funds.
John A. Macdonald
The Pacfic Scandal deeply affected John A. Macdonald and the Conservative government in the early 1870s. Macdonald wished to have the colony of British Columbia to join the country as a provice, in return to construct a transcontinental railway. However, later on two railway building companies began to compete for the contract; the Canadian Pacific Company and the Inter-Ocean Railway Company. It was later proven that John A Macdonald had accepted money from Hugh Allan(from the Canadian Pacific Company) as a bribe.
Yeh Sheng-mao was a former Bureau of Investigation director- general who never informed the State Prosector-General Chen Tsung-ming of the money laundering claims involving Chen Shui-bian and his family.

In the first cartoon above; it shows that Yeh Sheng-mao is the pitbull who chewed up Bureau of Investigation and the money laundering case with the Chen family.

In the second cartoon; Yeh Sheng-mao is the pitbull at the feet of Chen Shui-bian who asks "If I don't believe in my wife Ah Chen, am I supposed to believe my real dog Yung-ko or him (meaning Yeh Sheng-mao)!"
Political Cartoons
This cartoon from Taipei Times recognizes the double standard of the Legislature adjusting the law to exonerate and decriminalize the corruption for everyone but Chen Shui-bian, who was sentenced to prison.
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