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Element 19: Practicing Skills, Strategies and Processes

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Lydia Martin

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Element 19: Practicing Skills, Strategies and Processes

Element 19: Practicing Skills, Strategies and Processes
Structured Practice Sessions Spaced Closely together
Highly Structured
Teacher Guided
Spaced close together
Include a clear model for students
May focus on a small part of the whole (to maximize student success)
When Appropriate, Provide Practice Sessions that Help Develop Fluency
Not all procedures need to be learned at this level
Practice for the purpose of fluency should include a wide array of exercises to expose students to different contexts whereby the procedure may be used
To be done independently
Guided Practice
As time goes on....
Gradually Less Structured and More Varied
Designed to allow students to practice more complex and interrelated steps.
Teacher continually monitors and to ensure effective execution of the practice
Students are encouraged to share their new awareness regarding the strategy. This helps students shape the procedure to meet their needs.
Independent Practice
Try drawing this simple figure on your own.
What is the desired outcome ?

What should you be monitoring?
Key Points
Massed: All at once, close together
Distributed: spaced out overtime
Key Points
Monitors the extent that fluency is increasing
At the beginning, practice session should be structured and close together.
Then space practice sessions further working towards independence
Discuss with your shoulder partner the key points to remember about practice.
Final Practice
Draw the figure once more.

Did your fluency increase?

Did you gain any new awareness as you moved from one practice session to another?
Draw this simple figure.
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