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American Theatre- SOTA

No description

Ash Bowman

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of American Theatre- SOTA

American Theatre- SOTA
Theatre: Mists of Time-1830
An Evolution of Storytelling
Native American Traditions
Like many other early civilizations' forms of theatre, Native American rituals were based on storytelling and often were held to honor religious entities
Ancient Greek Influence
Invented Tragedy and Comedy
The First American Tragedy
Two major theater design traditions were developed at this time in Italy: the proscenium arch and the art of painting cloths as backdrops for scenery.
A scenic backdrop wow
The First American Actors
Lewis Hallam led the first acting troupe to perform in the New World
Lewis Hallam
Influential Plays:
Cato by Joseph Addison influenced many of the founding fathers, most notably George Washington
Notable American Quotes via
First Western Civilization to popularize theatre
First American tragedy:
The Prince of Parthia
American playwright Thomas Godfrey influenced by Greek tragic writers Sophocles, Euripides, and Aeschylus
play follows 3 unities and other Neoclassical Ideals set by Greeks
Early American theatre reflected European theatre, which reflected Ancient Greek theatre
Theatre in Africa could be better described as story-telling rather then a staged production. These stories were often about heroes and Gods and animals coming together to create their people's past, told through dance, song, costumes, and of course storytelling.
African Influence
Tribal Dance and Religious rituals
Mists of Time
600 B.C.
Origin of Greek Theatre
Aristotle's De Poetica
335 B.C.
Noh Theatre
Globe Theater
Prince of Parthia
to America
Treaty of Ghent ends war of 1812
1400 B.C.
Timeline of Events: Mists of Time-1830
De Poetica
Noh Theatre
The Globe Theater
1.What was the first American Tragedy?
2. What two cultures combined dance, music, and story-telling?
3. What is the main similarity between American and Native theatre?
4. What important inventions came from the Italian Renaissance to the Colonies?
5. Which founding father was most influenced by
A) The Prince of Parthia
A) Greek and Roman
A) Healing
A) The proscenium arch
A) Thomas Jefferson
When these very spiritual people were sold into slavery and shipped to the colonies, they were told to forget their Gods and rituals and convert to Christianity. Some did, but most could not bear the thought of losing their ancestry. So they told their stories late at night and danced quietly in the cramped huvels they were forced to live in.
They also used their stories and songs as motivation to keep working, and the stories changed. They became a means to communicate, something that proved crucial in the underground railroad.
African Theatre gave inspiration to early american artists, reinforcing the idea of improvisation not just in theatre, but in music and dance as well.
*The first African-American drama group was the African Company, founded in 1824. It produced plays at the African Grove in New York City.
B) Italian and English
C) Native American and African
D) French and Japanese
B) The Recruiting Officer
C) De Poetica
D) None of the Above
Cato is the story of a Roman senator who refuses to succumb to the tyrannical rule of Julius Caesar
The struggle between tyranny and liberty and liberty vs. order was reflected in the play, and related to America's struggles with Great Britain
"Give me liberty, or give me death." -Patrick Henry
"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." -Nathan Hale
Joseph Addison
B) George Washington
C) John Adams
D) James Madison
The troupe was comprised of Hallam, his wife, children, and ten other actors
Their first performance was Shakespeare's
The Merchant of Venice
on September 15th, 1752 in Williamsburg
They traveled the the colonies staging plays mainly in New York, Philadelphia, and Charleston
The Continental Congress eventually closed theaters for the duration of the Revolution
Many rituals focused on healing, prayer, and retelling of the tribe's history
Native theatre influenced American theatre in using the art of storytelling to entertain, communicate history, or make a statement
B) Storytelling
C) Religious ceremony
D) Traveling Companies
Colonial Theater
B) Scenic backdrops
C)The fly system
D)The Elevator
The first space designed
specifically for theater
was made in 1716 in
A merchant, William Levingston
signed a contract with his indentured servant, Charles Stagg, Charles would play music and act for the building
The First "Theater" was short Lived, but a second one was built in 1751
near the site of the original.
Traveling companies
would frequently visit
New York, Philadelphia,
and Charelstown.
Born in 1564, William Shakespeare was an actor and poet, who wrote plays for his company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, to perform.
Shakespeare was popular but
they would do other, more
modern plays like The Beggars
Opera, The Fashionable Lover
The Constant Couple, And
The Anatomist or AKA
Sham Doctor.
What happened after a bad performance.
In the sixteenth century, the Elizabethan stage became almost wholly professional and public. Professional groups were formed which charged admission fees to allow audiences to witness their performances.
The actors, usually young males, organized themselves into companies in which each of them would own a certain number of shares. These companies were cooperative and self-governing and divided the profit from the performances.
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