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mohan ponnudurai

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Supply Chain &
Quality Issues Boeing 787 Jan 2013 - ANA Battery Thermal Runaway Loss of Control of Suppliers Jan 2013 - JAL: Battery Thermal Runaway and Fire Supplier Quality
Ability to Manage Issues
Cost Over-runs
Schedule Over-runs 2003 Approval received for development for 7E7
$10B Development Cost
Revolutionary Design
Light weight Carbon Fiber structure
Greater Use of Electric Architecture
Risk sharing Partners 2007 Official roll-out on 7/8/7
But... Problems already
Non-airworthy fasteners
Outer shell only
No internals or electrified systems 2007 First of FOUR delays prior to first flight...
- side of body delamination
- suppliers not able to keep up
- supplier quality issues
- material shortage 12/15/2009 Maiden Flight Problems with Suppliers
- Boeing buys out partners and facilities
- A lot of travel work
- Incomplete assemblies
- Missing documentation
- Z01-Z03 become unsellable (written off) Jan 2013 - Emergency AD by FAA
B787s Grounded Jan 2013 Battery Supply Chain Now what In Service a/c AOG Production a/c parked Supplier Quality Management Solutions www.SpartaSystems.com
888.261.5948 2008 Investigation Battery Manufacturer Battery/cell monitoring Panel/PCB PowerPack Charger Unit Integrator of Power to the Grid Overall Responsibility for the Power Architecture/APU Final Integration by Boeing We can help... Sep 2011 - 844 Orders from 57 customers @ Launch
- EIS with ANA Oct 2011 Sparta Systems Sparta Systems.com
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