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The Road to Success

The Interview skills

Mohamed Faried

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of The Road to Success

Role Plays (Interviews)
Identifying the hard questions and weak points
Transitioning to the body
What is the Interviewer searching about in me ?
If you do NOT trust yourself so how can anyone else trust you ?
2. Avoid hesitating
Hesitating for the interviewer, means that you can NOT deliver what they want to the customer
3. Convincing
If you can convince the Interviewer with what you say so you can convince the customer with what they want.
Role plays for 2 volunteers and swap positions
Revision Questions
What are the main points that the interviewer is searching about ?
The Road to Success
The Interview
( for Brainstorming )
LGA: 2 groups, each group should communicate and nominate 2 person an Interviewer and an Interviewee and do a role play
Evaluating each group and identifying a winner group.
( open suggestions )
3 points are requested from each group
small discussion about the suggestions
1. Self-confidence
What shall you do and what shall you avoid in an Interview ?
What shall we do and what shall we avoid ?
What are the expected questions and the model answers ?
By Mohamed Faried
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