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Limited and Unlimited Government

This prezi contains interesting factoids about British Unlimited and Limited Government.

khaliya newton

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Limited and Unlimited Government

Limited and Unlimited Governments By: Sierra Barr, Paola Garcia,
Essence Gidron, and Khaliya Newton
(Mrs.L`s 3rd Period) 10/11/12 Unlimited Government An unlimited government is a government where the king has total control and the king has unlimited powers and controls ALL areas of that country. Sometimes the king uses military force when they use violence to get power. When the king dies the power is passed on to a family member or a new leader is directly recruited. 3 Important people who ruled under Unlimited Governments:
King Louis XIV of France
Peter the Great of Russia
Catherine the Great of Russia Unlimited Government had several structures such as:
- Absolute Monarchy
- Communism
- Dictatorship The people have very few freedoms only permitted by the government and are the restricted to do certain activities,than those living in a limited government, because the government has all the power. Limited Government Is where the leader is restricted put in place to avoid absolute monarchy. All the power is restricted by people. The King has very few powers so the people have a say in what happens. Some important Structures in Limited Government were:
Checks and Balances
Republic In limited government the people have more rights. They decide who their leader is and have a say in their government. The king can't control every aspect of the person's life. The people also can have any religion and the king cannot change it. England was the only known country that participated in limited government.And during that time under King John`s (who was the only leader who ruled under limited government during that time.)rule the Magna Carta was written to limit the king`s powers,and give some power back to the people.
Spain also practiced limited government. Spain had a democracy. A democracy is a type of government in which the people hold the power to rule by election representatives.
Italy is a republic. In are public the sovereignty is in each individual person. Describe the rights and freedoms of the
government and the people: List three countries that participated in Limited Government What is Limited Government? What are the rights and freedoms of the government and the people in a Unlimited Government? Unlimited Government
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