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Animal Cell and Beehive

No description

Jessica Huminski

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Animal Cell and Beehive

Animal Cell & Beehive Comparing An animal cell is similar to a beehive because they have a complex structure that works effectively together. Like how to survive the bees must all work together just like an animal cell must. Nucleus Definition- "Cell structure that directs all activities of the cell". The queen bee is similar to a nucleus because she is the center of the hive. Like the nucleus she reproduces the beehive population and makes sure the hive is successful. But like the nucleus there is only one of her she is the only one that can do her job. Life revolves around her just like the nucleus. Chromosomes Definition- "An organized structure of DNA". The eggs that a queen bee lays are similar to a chromosome because like us the bees are born with genes which make us who we are. Chromosomes are basically the reproduction of a living thing. Like us the bees grow and learn how to take care and manage the hive. It programs the bees on what to do. Nuclear Membrane Definition- "Thin membrane the separates the nucleus from the rest of the cell". The queens cell is similar to a nuclear membrane because it covers the queen when she is a larva as she grows. While inside a jelly is let into the cell and she eats exclusively on this "royal jelly". Like how the nuclear membrane lets only certain things through. Cell Membrane Definition-
"Thin flexible envelope that surrounds a cell." The outside of the beehive is similar to the cell membrane because it only lets certain things in the hive like a worker bee. It also helps protect the honey and queen from outside predators. Cytoplasm Beeswax Definition-
"All the protoplasm or living material, outside the nucleus of a cell." Beeswax is similar to cytoplasm because it surrounds the honeycombs which hold the hive in place so everything stays together like how cytoplasm keeps the structures in the cell in the correct spot. Vacuoles Definition-
"Large round sac in the cytoplasm of a cell that stores water, food, and enzymes." The honey combs are similar to vacuoles because the bees store almost everything they bring into the hive in the honey combs. The store the honey, eggs, nectar, pollen and other necessities. Mitochondria Definition-
"Rod shaped structure that is referred to as the powerhouse cell." The worker bee is similar to a mitochondria because like in it's definition it is a power house. The worker bee is one of the main reasons the hive is successful. They support the hive in every way the can. They do almost every job except the queen bee and mating because all worker bees are female and the bees that mate with the queen bees are known as a "drone." Lysosomes Definition-
" An organelle (a little organ) in a cell containing enzymes that degrade macromolecules (large molecules) and other items (such as bacteria) taken up by a cell during the process of endocytosis."
A worker bee is similar to a lysosome because one of the main things about the lysosome is that it cleans unwanted bacteria in the cell. Just like the lysosome the worker bees clean and repair the hive. When there is an unwanted object or thing in the hive the bees work together to get rid of it just like the lysosomes would. Endoplasmic Reticulum Definition-
a network of tubular membranes within the cytoplasm of the cell, occurring either with a smooth surface (smooth endoplasmic reticulum) or studded with ribosomes (rough endoplasmic reticulum) involved in the transport of materials. The pollen basket on the worker bee is similar to an endoplasmic reticulum because like an ER the pollen basket transports the pollen collected from the flower into the hive. The bees are coming and going collecting more and more pollen to be transfered into honey. Ribosomes Definition-
A minute particle consisting of RNA and associated proteins, found in large numbers in the cytoplasm of living cells. Pollen is similar to ribosomes because they are usually connected to the ER which for bees is the pollen basket. The pollen is also usually scattered around the hive where it will be mixed with nectar and enzymes and then it turns into honey. Golgi Bodies Nectar and Enzymes Definition-
a membranous complex of vesicles, vacuoles, and flattened sacs in the cytoplasm of most cells: involved in intracellular secretion and transport The nectar mixed with enzymes is similar to Golgi bodies because after the bees collect the pollen they send it to the honeycombs where other worker bees then organize the pollen and mix it with the nectar and enzymes where it is transformed into honey. By Jessica Huminski
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