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Burney R.Davis J.R Anne Frank Prezi

To honor Anne Frank

Christina Starken

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Burney R.Davis J.R Anne Frank Prezi

Anne Frank Anne Frank was one of the most discussed jewish victims of the holocaust Anne's diary was very popular Anne was born June 12,1929 Anne and her family moved from Germany after the nazi's took over to Amsterdam in 1933 Anne lived most of her life near Amsterdam in the Netherlands After Anne and her family came to Amsterdam a friend named Meip Gies hid them in a secret Annex After two years Anne and everyone of the secret Annex were captured and tooken to a concentration camp Work makes one Free that was a huge LIE At beginning of 1940 the Frank's were trapped in Amsterdam because of the nazi occupation By 1942 the Frank's went into hiding but not by thereselves but with the Van Pels The leader of this Annex was Otto Frank Anne's father set up all the rules of the Annex They survived by hiding in a secret compartment behind a book case Most of the Jews would have still been alive if it wasn't for this man This man is horrible The frank's and Van Pels also some other friends in the house with them were caught because a thief heard noise above him and told the Green Police Anne and Peter loved each other Until the nazi tore them apart Hitler wanted this Hitler wanted this VS Nazi's Jew's Thank for watching She was Jewish Anne's father Otto Frank gave her a diary This is Anne's dad The people who stopped this this man is the U.S,France,Norweigan,and Russia Norwegian This is our strong army the U.S And this is Britain's flag And lastly this is France This is Anne's mom Edith Frank This is Peter Van Pels This is Hermann van Pels The other people who hid with the Frank's and the Van Pel's name's were Mr.Dussel
Mr.Van Daan
Mrs.Van Daan
& Margot That's alot of people in one house isn't it. This really true love Here are the people who stopped this man rain of terror That was Amstedam where they hid.
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