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The Cottonball Diet

No description

Tacha Geffrard

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of The Cottonball Diet

COTTON BALL DIET By: Tacha Geffrard Sources




http://www.weightlossforall.com/cotton-ball-diet-skinny-models.htm How to eat cotton balls Buddy the Elf The Pros of eating cotton balls NO calories
Very affordable
Extremely accessible
Very filling
High in fiber
Lose weight
No exercise
Feel fuller longer
Curbs carvings
Prevents binge eating
Promotes water drinking
Flavor it Flavored cotton balls For a sweet treat you can dip the cotton balls in fruit juices

For a savory kick sprinkle the cotton balls with herbs and spices

By soaking them in o calorie gelatin helps the cotton balls slide down easier

For an icy dessert freeze the cotton balls in an ice cube tray with your favorite fruit juice. The Cons of eating cotton balls Dieters suffer from extreme malnutrition
No energy
Digestive problems
No vitamins or minerals
You are eating wool
It taste horrible
You might have to get your stomach pumped
Bowel obstruction
First you lose water weight, then muscle mass
Short-term fix
Possible long-term damage
May cause an eating disorder
IT IS NOT REAL FOOD!!!!! Cotton. It's the fabric of our lives. But can it help you lose weight? Who's On it? The Cotton Ball Diet was taken up briefly by a few C-list celebrities, aspiring models, and high school students in the 1970's and 1980's. Yummy! Are the results worth you life? THE END "Lunch for one, cotton wool and orange juice!" Never too early to start and eating disorder! You are what you eat!
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