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Attitude Formation through Classical Conditioning

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Morgan Coates

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Attitude Formation through Classical Conditioning

Attitude Formation Through Classical Conditioning
Attitude Formation through Classical Conditioning
Commercial &

Here are some examples of direct and indirect pathways of classical conditioning of attitude formation.
Direct pathway of classical conditioning of attitude formation
Budweiser "Puppy Love"
By using the example of commercials and advertisements we are going to explain how classical conditioning can form attitudes.
Attitude Formation:
we form attitudes
Social Learning:
process through which we acquire new information, forms of behavior, or attitudes from other people
Unconditioned Stimulus:
a stimulus that evokes a positive response or a negative response without substantial learning.
The Two Routes of Classical Conditioning of Atitutudes:

by social learning
Classical Conditioning: one stimulus becomes a signal for the presentation or occurrence of the other
Conditioned Stimulus:
Stimulus that comes to stand for or signal a prior unconditioned stimulus.
Direct: positive stimuli paired with the product with the aim being directly transferred to the product itself.

Indirect: following the celebrity with the repeated product; the product will come to mind when you think of the celebrity.
Explanation of the
Budweiser Commercial

We hope you enjoyed!
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