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The Story of HALO

No description

Daniel Sebille

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The Story of HALO

The Human Race
By the year 2525 the human race had spanned through out the galaxy. The planet Harvest was the farthest one from earth. But all was not well. There was a civil war going on between the U.N.S.C. (United Nations Space Corps) and the Insurrectionist. But while investigating a possible attack on a freighter ship the humans find an alien allegiance that has no intention of being friends.
The Story of
The story of HALO is an action packed adventure that spans over eons through out the galaxy
The Beginning
In the beginning there was an ancient race of super intelligent being called the Forerunners.
They fought a massive war between humans and many other alien species.
In the last centuries of the Forerunner empire they constructed giant halo like planet/ structures that would destroy all sentient life in the galaxy to stop a zombie like infection called he Flood. But in sted ending up killing themselves.
The C

is an allegiance of many different species of aliens. Some showing resemblance to massive ape/gorillas and some showing resemblance to a velociraptor. These aliens all share the same religion. But the reason they fight is because they believe that the humans are keeping "holy" objects of theirs. This is how the war starts.
The First Years of the War
After the first years of the war it was obvious that the humans were losing. High velocity bullets and bullet-proof vest against force-fields, plasma guns, and armor that can make you turn invisible. So ya, they were losing badly. But every so often the marines or navy would score a win. But this really didn't help. But a professor named Catherine Halsey got fed up about losing and created the Spartan program.
The Spartan program was a program that would train 6-10 year olds to fight like fully trained marines, then genetically enhance them to fight, and then they would give them a set of armor that weighed half a ton and stood just around 9ft tall with force fields and high tech sensors and tactical equipment.
The Story HALO
The Vehicles of the U.N.S.C.
What is an army without its vehicles, huh?
Forward Unto Dawn
Vehicles of the Covenant
The covenant had some help too.

The Fall of Reach
Reach was a human colony that was the last planet defending the inner colonies from the covenant. One of the many Spartans fighting was the most notorious Spartan of all, Master Chief. But in all the commotion the covenant made one final push and eventually won.While in a underground laboratory a squad of Spartans helped get Dr. Halsey to a extraction point while protecting an ancient covenant artifact.
After barley escaping Reach a space cruiser by the name of
Pillar Of Autumn
finds itself between a halo and two covenant ships. The ship's AI (also Chief's personal companion) Cortana programs the ship to crash while the crew uses Pelicans, Longswords,escape pods, and O.D.S.T. pods. (orbital drop shock troopers) After crashing the humans regroup and take refuge in an abandoned fort. Later they go to the ship and grab what supplies are left. After some intense battles and discovering The Flood, Chief rigs the crashed ship to blow,narrowly escaping

Back to Reach
After taking over a covenant flag ship Chief and the small squad of survivors decrypted a message that they were still on Reach looking for something. After arriving on Reach Chief finds his old squad. After returning to the ship they find another message saying the Covenant have found earth and are gearing up for an assault. Once Chief heard the news he went into action. Chief and his team go on a mission to destroy the "mother ship" of the fleet and destroy it. After immobilizing the fleet they get a distress call from the Spartan lll training grounds.
After accidentally activating a factory of Forerunner drones what is left of the Spartan lll troops and Chief's team (Spartan ll) go to destroy it. But up in the atmosphere of the planet there is an all out war going on. Whats left of the Covenant ships and some of the best U.N.S.C. ships are battling it out. After losing the U.N.S.C. send one last gift. Once the ships have been salvaged by the Covenant they find a box. The box turns out to be a Nova bomb. (The equivalent of 16 mega ton nukes) So after a big fight they discover a the planet is hollow and take refuge there while one of Chief's friends nukes the factory.
The Arc
After chasing the Covenant from one of the main hub worlds of the U.N.S.C. Chief finds the most devastating Forerunner weapons, the
The Arc is the space ship that created the halos (all 11 to be exact) and the worst part is that all the halos are there to watch the recreation of the one that Chief blew up. During the fight the U.N.S.C. make an alliance with the highest ranking species of the Covenant, the Elites. After destroying the Arc and setting a chain reaction of explosions that destroy the rest of the halos. But while returning home Chief's ship
Forward Unto Dawn
splits in two and Chief is the only survivor. But something is waiting for him
Four years had pasted while Chief was in his stasis pod (cryogenic tube) on his destroyed ship. During that time Cortana had time to think. But thinking that long can corrupt an AI and she did. But Cortana woke up Chief when the ship closed in on a mysterious planet. But not only was there the planet but the Covenant was there too. So he wrecked their faces as usual and then fell to the planet along with the debris. After finding a Covenant post he found the source of the massive gravity that pulled him in, and did something else....
The Didact
The Didact is the last Forerunner alive. No one quite knows how he survived but it might have to do with his space ship that Chief accidentally activates. After the Didact raised his
army he set out to finish the task he started eons ago, to wipe out the humans. But to do so he needs his special ship
The Composer,
this ship turns humans into Prometheans (Humans that turned into data that are in armor). But in the end Chief's AI Cortana sacrifices herself to save the human race and Chief.
To Be Continued....
Since Chief is stubborn and doesn't give up he goes on a quest to find Cortana.

If you want to see what happens, play the game
Halo 5
when it comes out!!!!
And my mind
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