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on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of PPP

3P Personalized-Paper-Product Potential benefits:

Company: environmental awarenessImage long-term profit

Students: learn to make paper products

society: education to the public
industry&need analysis:
Workshop DIY paper product

1.)People likes to make DIY PRODUCT

Related to the Arts and Crafts movement

alternative to modern consumer culture's emphasis

solve needs


not explore much on the market

no course providing in the company
market potential Product catagories:
1)Paper ornaments

2) Paper accessories


4)Iphone/Itouch stands environmental analysis 1. sense of protecting the environment
Environment Index 19% (39th) 2.Recycled paper Promote the sense of environment protection people would likely to support workshops First stage:making recycled papers Second stage:Make own paper products Retailing Selling finished products
accecpt special order Target Market:
Children Price:
Flexible-price strategy
Distribution strategy Promotion:
Advertising(facebook,forum ,other org)
Sales promotion
Public relations
Direct marketing Discount and coupon SWOT
Create interactive communication Lock the target audience Price is adjusted for
different services
Implementation plan 1. Forming Business Alignment Government green associations 2. course/product tri-testing course testing 3. Final stage for adjustment adjust the features/strategies Plan and expected outcome

Course: 8 course PER MONTH and $150
30 STUDENTS Marketing strategies
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