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American Expansion to the West

No description

Seth Johnson

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of American Expansion to the West

This was a war between the Mexicans and the Americans this war took place between the years of 1846 - 1848. Mexico lost about one-third of its territory, including nearly all of present-day California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.
Mexican American war
America is now whole. One of the problems is when some foods go bad. For example milk goes bad fast so these could not be transported across the country. Then 7 years later we have the railroad that goes from one end of the country to the other.
Transcontinental Railroad
In 1812 the now almost complete United States took on one of the most powerful navel powers, Great Britain. After about 32 months the war resulted in no territorial change between the British Empire and the USA.
War of 1812
In late April of 1803 the United states bought a landmass that was called the Louisiana purchase. Since they acquired about 828,000 square miles they wanted to explore it and see what wonders that were there.
Louisiana purchase
The Revolutionary was was won by the Americans due to may battles that they won but one of the major victories was the British surrender in Yorktown on the 19th of October in the year of 1781. When they won they got their freedom and they were allowed to remain where they were. After that all we did was get bigger and expand more.

American Revolution
This is one of the three most known wars (besides WW1 and WW2) it was a battle between the northern and southern states. this war was for the rights of then enslaved African Americans. It was a war between brothers. The northern states won and slavery was then made illegal.
Civil War
Indian removal
Then still in 1803 President Thomas Jefferson decided to send two men named Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to go and survey the land. They kept journals to document there findings.
Lewis and Clark expedition
As the colonists expanded they also had many hardships but they got through them and that is what they called Manifest Destiny. They pictured her as a supernatural being who moved ahead of them as they moved west and she pushed the bad things away so they could get through more easily. Feeling protected they kept wanting to move west.
Manifest Destiny
American Expansion to the West
Monroe Doctrine
This speech was given by the president, James Monroe. It became a cornerstone of American foreign policy. Secretary of State John Adams had played the most important role in developing the wording of the declaration and he also influenced the doctrine’s overall shape.

When we moved west we weren't the first here. There were some indians that needed to be pushed along and since they didn't want to leave their "homeland " we passed a bill (that took 4 months to pass) that allowed us to push them back. Eventually we pushed them so far that their was no were else to push them.
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