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Lesson 12 Vocabulary

10 words vocab

Ny'Shiana Ray

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of Lesson 12 Vocabulary

Literature By:Ny'Shiana Ray adage~a traditional saying widely considered to be true alliteration-the first letter of the word is constantly repeated Lesson 12 My mad mother might make you make market trips. allusion-not being specific as you can be OMG! what do she have own (she's ratchet ). Her lace front is all wrong(cause she's ratchet). anthology~a collection of writings by various author epic
literature work about heroes and their adventures
grand impressive in quality, or scope The girl thought that her outfit was epic hyperbole-an extreme exaggeration "Girl you look good!!" melodramatic~OVERLY emotional or sentimental personify
to give human like qualities to a animal object or an idea
the act of being an example of a certain quality or idea pseudonym-a fake name used by authors;a pen name Tauheed Epps is... Who is Tauheed Epps? You got it or maybe not but this is 2 Chainz Last One serialized-presented in parts; presented in sequence
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