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It's more FUN in the Philippines

Spanish Period Understand Pinoy ways, Body language, Filipinism, Pinoy Words w/o English translations

Joyce Benedicto

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of It's more FUN in the Philippines

I Love Philippines! :) I LOVE Philippines!
I. Colonial Period in the Philippines
Spanish, American and Japanese
II. UNderstand Pinoy's Ways
III. Pinoy's Body Language
IV. Filipinism II. Understand Pinoys' ways
1. Pinoy time is not on time
2. Pinoy wears tsinelas at home
3. Respect their parents
4. Pray before you eat
5. Take off hat or sunglasses during meals
6. Don't correct their accents
7. Don't expect expensive gifts
9. say "psssst" to call someone
8. Laugh to our jokes
9. use hands when eating
10.use whitening products Spanish Period 16th-19th Century (Philippines as Jewel Of Spain)
1. Spanish Language
2. Las Islas Filipinas
3. Catholicism
4. Festivities
and Holidays
5.Arts, Literature and Music Pinoys' Body Language
1. use of ____ in pointing something or someone
2. use of whole _____ in giving direction (don't point)
3. use of _____ (as means of acknowledging each other)
4. draw a _____ when asking for a bill
5. draw a big ______when asking for a menu
6. love to _____ at you
7. Smile :) Filipinism Mabuhay! American Period 1898-1941
1. English as Medium of Instruction
2. Democracy/Independence
3.Educational System
4. Medical Care & Sanitation
5. Transportation/Roads
7. Food
8. Sports The Japanese and WWII years 1941-1945 Religion Barrios organized religious church service and processions in honor of their patron Saints Holidays January 1 Ano Nuevo
(New Years' Day)
March or April
Semana Santa
(Holy week or
Easter October 31-November 2
Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
December 24 Noche Buena (Christmas Eve)
December 25 Navidad (Christmas) Dr. Jose Rizal
(Asia's true nationalist) Arts, Literature
and Music A Filipinism (alternatively Filipinoism)
is an English word or phrase created
and/or used by Filipinos. Some common Filipinism
1. brownout
2. open/close the lights
3. bottomless
4. CR History SHAPES the characteristics
and culture of the Philippines.
I am Joyce Benedicto, FLTA (1012-1013)
proud to be a Filipino!
MARAMING SALAMAT! :) 1st Phil. President: Emilio Aguinaldo
"We may lose hope in winning this battle for freedom because of inadequate force in terms of weapon, but one thing is never lost, our dream to die for the cause of true independence." Philippine-American War American domination June 12, 1898 April 9, 1942
Japan defeated the
& American Troops in
Bataan General Douglas MacArthur - Leyte Landing 20th October 1944. liberation of the Philippines Ferdinand MArcos
10th President (1917-1989)
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