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M-Anne T.

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of Pentatonix

A cappella is a genre of music that doesn’t involve any instruments, and today, it’s considered “boring” because many people think that a cappella is something that’s old and outdated. Pentatonix has modernized a cappella and has turned something that’s thought to be outdated to something that is new and appealing to society.
It all started with the trio of Pentatonix; Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, and Kirstin Maldonado. The trio were close friends and choir nerds from Arlington, Texas. After they graduated high school, the trio members separated since they had to attend college or university.
-In 2011, Scott Hoying heard of a singing competition called The Sing-Off that airs on NBC.
-Close friend suggested that he should find a bass and beatboxer to fill out the sound.
-Found the bass, Avi Kaplan, through a friend
-Found beatboxer, Kevin Olusola through Youtube.
-Members met each other the day before the auditions for the TV show The Sing-Off.
-Youngest group on the show.
-With only 5 members in their group, they won The Sing-Off and earned $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music.
A week later, after winning The Sing-Off, they got dropped from their record label. Pentatonix decided to release videos on Youtube, and their first video was recorded on an iPad. Winning the show was a huge launching pad for them, though. Their videos started to gain lots of recognition by many people. PTX then worked with an independent record label, from there, they released their first album, PTX vol. 1 on June 26, 2012.
<--First video:Moves Like Jagger-Pentatonix
When they released their Daft Punk medley video in 2013, it gained lots of recognition and helped them be where they are today. This video alone has more than 100,000,000 views. This arrangement of Daft Punk songs has earned them a Grammy in the category,” Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella,” not to mention that this video was filmed in a kitchen, the black background is a piece of cloth, and the song was recorded in a bedroom closet. This proves that anything can happen. This year, they were nominated for 2 Billboard music awards against many artists including Taylor Swift and One Direction.
They have released 5 albums so far (PTX vol. 1, 2, and 3, PTXmas, and That’s Christmas to Me) and is currently working on an original album that might come out this late fall. Their Christmas album, That’s Christmas to me, surpassed 1 million sales in 2014 and went platinum. In fact, That’s Christmas to Me was the first holiday album to go platinum since 2011.
Pentatonix receiving their plaque for going platinum.
All PTX Albums
PTX vol.1
PTX vol.2
PTX vol.3
That's Christmas To Me
Pentatonix also has a cameo role in the movie Pitch Perfect 2. They are representing Canada and is a group competing against the Bellas. They appeared in the movie for like 2 seconds singing “Any Way You Want” by Journey with other a cappella groups including Filharmonic.
PTX on the set of Pitch Perfect 2.
The group’s founder, Scott Hoying, came up with this name for the group. Pentatonic is a 5 note musical scale used frequently in today’s music. He also chose this because there are 5 members in the group. Scott changed the “c” in pentatonic to “x” because he said that it would be more appealing. In fact, their logo is a set of 5 piano keys.
The piano keys on top of "PTX" is their logo.
Origin of the name Pentatonix
Members of Pentatonix
Mitch Grassi
Mitch Grassi was just a senior in high school when he entered The Sing-Off. He was born on July 24th, 1992 which makes him the youngest member of the
group. When he was in high school, he showed great interest in musical theatre, and performed in many plays in his school. He also shows interest in DJ-ing and electronic music. Mitch’s voice is classified as a tenor. A tenor is a singing voice that is one of the highest of the male’s voice types.
"You can be whoever you want to be, as long as you have the proper photo shop skills"-Mitch Coby Michael Grassi
Scott Hoying
singer friend,” says his Twitter bio. He was born on September 17th, 1991. In fact, he auditioned for American Idol 3 times and never got into any of them (but he’s a Grammy winner now anyway). His voice type is a baritone, which is a voice that lies between tenor and bass.
Scott Hoying is a songwriter and pianist who have been performing since age 8. He is also known as “your tall, awkward, eyebrowless
"If music was the language of the world, imagine how beautiful a seven-billion part harmony would be."-Scott Richard Hoying
participated in many plays in her school. She also is a dance captain as well as a four-year choir member. Her voice type is a mezzo-soprano.
Kirstin Maldonado
Kirstin (also known as Kirstie) developed her singing and performance skills at age 8. Like Mitch, she showed great interest in musical theatre and
"No matter what you have going for you in life, remember that you aren't entitled to anything. Stay humble and loving, friends. xx"-Kirstin Taylor Maldonado
Avi is a guitarist, and composes and arranges music for both choral and a cappella. He was born on April 17th, 1989. Avi is also a BBQ enthusiast. He is known for his overtone singing, which
Avi Kaplan
is when you can sing two notes at the same time, one constant note and whistles above it. Avi’s voice type is a bass, which means he can sing very low notes and his voice is low, like REALLY low.
"I fangirl more over food more than I fangirl over people,"-Avriel (Avi) Benjamin Kaplan
Kevin Olusola
Kevin started learning the cello, piano, and saxophone at a very young age. He studied at Yale University and lived in China for a year as a part of his East-Asian studies at Yale. He became fluent in Chinese.
While in China, he developed something called “celloboxing” which is the act of beat boxing and playing the cello simultaneously. Videos of him “cello-boxing” went viral on Youtube. In the week of it being viral, the trio of Pentatonix saw it and invited him to become the beatboxer of the group.
"I just think about what I've been able to acomplish in life, and know that I have the power to do anything,"-Kevin Olusola
Pentatonix is an instrument-less group that uses just voices to create their sound. The funny thing is that you can’t even tell that it is made of voices. They produce many covers, mashups of different songs, and some original content. In their Youtube video, Evolution of Music, they mashed up 36 different songs together and made it into a 4 minute video. They are currently on their On My Way Home Tour, and the name of the tour is named after their original song from PTX vol.3, On My Way Home. Pentatonix began as just strangers that met up for a TV show and rose to stardom. You can say that this group is aca-mazing (hahaha).
Please note that PTX used the cello and/or the violin in the videos: Say Something, Radioactive ft. Lindsey Stirling, and Papaoutai
Major Videos Mentioned in this Presentation and Recommended Videos
Daft Punk Medley-Pentatonix from PTX vol.2
Evolution of Music-Pentatonix
Mary Did You Know?-Pentatonix from That's Christmas To Me
Love Again-Pentatonix Original Song from PTX vol. 2
Side Note: Kevin noticed me and responded to my question with that^
PTX trio when they were in high school
PTX winning The Sing-Off
Daft Punk Medley-Pentatonix
PTX at BBMAs (Kirstie was sick so she couldn't make it)
PTX winning their 1st Grammy
La La Latch-Pentatonix from PTX vol. 3.
Problem-Pentatonix from PTX vol.3
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