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Green Desk Customer

Executive Summary

Alex Chalkley

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Green Desk Customer

Summary Customer And one more thing... - Achieve 5-10% energy saving
- Instant alerts if core costs rise
- Easy to use project planning tool
- Low annual cost High growth potential small companies

Medium sized companies (<250 employees)

Large companies with multiple sites

Local Authorities

Education establishments (Schools, Colleges and Universities)

3rd sector organisations An online tool providing a single entry point for measuring and managing core business costs:

Energy, Heating, Transport, Travel, Water & Waste

A tool that will generate engaging messages for employees / stakeholders using real data

A strategic planning tool providing figures on Payback, Cost Savings and more

A carbon measuring and reporting tool Regularly measuring energy use can reduce costs by 5 - 10 %

Instant warning if any core business cost increases beyond pre-defined boundaries

Accurately and quickly select the projects with the best cost savings, payback and carbon saving

Quickly generate a business case that can be taken to lenders to secure finance for cost reduction projects using real data

Motivate employees and stakeholders with interesting and engaging cost cutting campaigns - change the behaviour of people in the organisation

Quickly identify billing errors from supply companies Who should use Green Desk? What is Green Desk? Why should I use Green Desk? There is a 15-day free trial

sign up at www.mygreendesk.com

After free trial the monthly subscription is just £37.50, the equivalent of a mobile phone contract How can I get Green Desk? Green Desk Clients Green Desk and the Green Accord A training course for Green Desk has been created by our education partner South Devon College

The course costs £950 and includes the setup fee for the software

Courses can be arranged through South Devon College and can be run at a further education college based near to you

Bespoke in-house training can be arranged if required Training for Green Desk Green Desk has a full technical support package included in the annual license

Most queries can be answered through the user friendly online help tutorials and Q&A section

Updates to the software are applied automatically

We have the capacity to create bespoke modules for your organisation and welcome inquiries through the website What about the technical stuff? Make your organisation more efficient without spending a fortune Empower your employees to reduce costs Reduced overheads means increased Profits Executive Summary Quickly reduce your core business costs by up to 10%
(Energy, Heating, Transport, Travel, Water, Waste) Accurately evaluate payback of proposed projects using real data
(Scenario Planning Tool) Encourage behaviour change by generating engaging materials for employees
(Involve the whole business in cost saving projects) A single online system for recording core business costs
(Multi-site, multi-user, simple to use) 1. 2. 4. 3. Business Benefits Understand
your core
business costs Single online tool for data storage across multiple sites

Up-to-date and accurate core business costs for the whole business

Visually engaging user interface to encourage regular usage

Red Alert warnings if costs jump beyond defined boundaries

Comprehensive data capture modules to cater for all businesses Instant alerts
if costs jump unexpectedly Achieve measurable cost savings by engaging
employees Easily calculate payback for energy projects Accurately gauge your organisation's carbon footprint

Include your carbon footprint for a USP in tenders

Give your tenders the 'cherry on the cake' with evidenced carbon impact figures

Show your customers / stakeholders that your organisation is serious about 'being green'

Get ahead of the legislation that will only get tighter in respect to carbon Use carbon footprinting data to gain a competitive advantage in tenders Specific renewable energy project payback calculator

Evaluate current renewable energy projects

Set alerts to show payback has been achieved

Prepare a business case based on facts for future renewable energy projects

Be informed when presented with renewable energy proposals from installers Easily generate engaging materials to motivate employees

Output bespoke posters relevant to the whole company, sites or teams

"If you turn off your monitor every day at Harley School, we will save
£240 in one term - enough to buy 100 new library books."

Empower and motivate employees by setting SMART targets

Link cost savings to carbon reductions to provide 'green' motivation Easily access current and historical cost data across multiple sites

Generate graphical representations of core business costs for management

Create bespoke reports for sites, departments or teams

Compare data across sites and quickly identify poor performance

Empower individual sites to take control of their core business costs Establish strategic business plans over years to achieve cost & carbon savings Set goals and plan how to achieve percentage savings over 1 - 5+ years

Combine multiple projects to form a medium term cost reduction strategy

Generate reports with headline figures on cost, payback and savings

Set a carbon reduction strategy that is based on cost saving

Generate costed plans that can form the basis for loan finance applications
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