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Life Resume

No description

Ashley Hight

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Life Resume

Life Resume
Ashley Hight

Obsessions and Quirks
Want to know any fact or lyric to Fall Out Boy? You just let me know.*
Life at KU
Alpha Gamma Delta:
My life, love and family. I have served as both social and purchasing coordinator for my sorority as well as a Rock Chalk Revue director for 2 years in which I created a 20 minute musical, twice!
Straight Outta Compton
Okay... more like Orange County. I was a diva from day one. Accessories have always been my thing. I was born and half raised in the sunshine and moved to Kansas when I was 11.
Did You Know...
I am a second degree black belt.

That's right. I started 10 years ago and have since been a Junior Olympian, attended etiquette school and fought my way into the tae kwon do program at the University of Kansas. Through it, I've picked up leadership and teamwork skills I would have otherwise not had.
The "Fierce Face"
Branding Myself:
I have begun building the Ashley Hight name by maintaining my own blog and building my website. I am also a Style Blogger for Her Campus!
I love Redvines. Love.*
*I am currently eating Redvines and
listening to Fall Out Boy.
Jeffrey Campbells are my weakness.

but look at 'em... they're so pretty!
Since beginning my unbelievable experience with YMC and ASOS, I have fallen head over Jeffrey Campbells in love with the brand. I never thought there were opportunities like this for college students, let alone I would be qualified, then offered my dream position within the brand. I have grown so much as an ambassador and have proven that my age as a sophomore is not a weakness.
Yes I'm including a
section about my hair. Why? Because it has defined me ever since I
Sun-In'd it when I was 12. It's been blonde, blue, red, and brown. I like to think I have my hair under control now.
PC '12
Rock Chalk Revue '13
Can't Stop,
Won't Stop
I am a member of the US Honor Society for academic excellence as well as the Public Relations Student Society of America. I am also a merchandise manager Target!
Mom and brother wishing the odds would be ever in my favor on Black Friday.
As Seen
in asos
I adore my portly pug.
I love traveling and ASOS travels with me!
she's been one of my most successful marketing tactics!
a solid mix of flower and wild child.
asos coat in NYC before I even worked for them!
asos in Hawaii!
sophomore and asos brand ambassador at the University of Kansas.
A Life Goal
I want to visit all of the Hard Rock Cafe's in the US. I am currently at 36 US Hard Rock Cafes and 2 global ones! I started this goal when I was in the 4th grade and hope to make my way around the US and then some! I have not been to the one in Sydney... just sayin'.
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