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2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami

No description

jasmine osman

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami
Also referred to as...
The Boxing day Tsunami
Sumatra Andaman quake
2004 Indonesian earthquake and tsunami
Origin &Cause of the Earthquake
250 km South-east of Banda Aceh, 1600 km northwest of Jakarta and 100km off of the coast of Indonesia
Mega thrust earthquake
General Information
26, December 2004
7:58am (local time in Indonesia)
An Earthquake lead to the Tsunami
Indo-Australian plate is subduction under the Eurasian plate
1600 km of fault surface ruptured
10 km in depth
Slipped 50 feet under Burma plate
Description of the Earthquake
9.1 on Richter scale
IX on Mercalli scale
3rd strongest ever recorded (since 1900)
Vibrations last 10 minutes
Major earthquake after 40 years
Earthquake leads to a Tsunami
20 meter uplift of sea floor
Range of destruction was 3,000 miles (5000 km) from epicenter
2000 meters inland on Indonesia
Reached coast of Indonesia after 1/2 hour after earthquake
Countries affected by the Tsunami
Total 14 countries were affected:
South Africa
Have you heard or read about this disaster before?
Consequences/Impact of the earthquake and tsunami
283,100 people killed
14,100 missing
50,000 injured
Other Complications
1,126,900 people displaced
over 100 cities, villages and coastal areas reshaped
Loss of clean water
Power outage
Structural damage
5,597 million dollar (US)
Collapsed houses, buildings and bridges
Damaged roads
Cars completely "crushed"
Uprooted and washed away trees
Emotional Damage
Why did this disaster cause a strong impact?
Occurred on a Sunday
Densely populated countries
Not prepared for a severe disasters
The officials were not able to issue a warning due to the lack of information and equipment
Unstable structures
Deforestation near coastal area (causing greater impacts from waves)
Problems some countries faced after disaster:
Loss of business
Inhabitable neighborhoods
Being economically, emotionally and socially fit again
Recent events/updates:
Recovery :
Major structural damages were fixed within 5 years
Minor damages take longer
Some countries are prone to other disasters aswell, making it hard to recover
Warning Signs
Countries were alerted but could not issue a warning due the lack of information

Some witnesses state animals started giving a hint prior to the earthquake:
Elephants ran for higher ground
Dogs refused to go outdoors
Flamingos abandoned low-lying areas
Zoo animals rushed into their shelters
2005 Sumatra earthquake
28, March, 2005
8.6 magnitude
Depth 30km
2009 Sumatra earthquake
30, September, 2009
7.9 magnitude
Depth 87 km
Summary video
Thank you For Listening
Any questions?

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Work Cited:
By: Kajal Prajapati
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