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Sarah Cole: A Type Of Love Story

No description

Angela Marion

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Sarah Cole: A Type Of Love Story

Sarah Cole
: A Type Of Love Story

How is Ron's perception of Sarah Cole warped by society's views of beauty?

What about Sarah first intrigued Ron in pursuing her?
Was Sarah Cole with Ron for his true beauty or his physical appearance?
How do the different point of views contribute to the perspective of Ron?
By Russell Banks
Sarah Cole:
Is it lust or love?
"We accept the love we think we deserve" - The perks of being a wall flower
Why does he use first person?
Why does he change to limited omniscient?
Whenever Ron is ashamed
distances himself from the reader
“Ron meets Sarah at Osgood’s, and after buying her three white Russians and drinking three scotches himself, he takes her back to his apartment in his car…for the sole purpose of making love to her.”
"leave you ugly bitch"- doesn't have to explain
connect, an intimacy is created
Narcissistic character
describes himself and compares his appearance to Sarah's
self-centered/ understand his guilt
go into Ron's head but is it believable?
allows the reader to see how Ron thinks and experiences the world around them
when we start understand Ron's motivations and actions- He changes to third
This switch of Point of view helps develop the theme and understand the relationship of a narcissistic man with a homely woman
Plot Summary:
Situational Irony:
What qualities would your ideal self have?
What does beauty mean to you?
When you choose to focus on external beauty, you are disabling your ability to learn and appreciate someone’s true beauty.
"Beauty extends beyond appearance"
"We are all capable of loving and being loved. "
society distorts our views on others, affecting their relationship
Did you expect the ending?

Did your view on Ron change?

“It’s not as if she has died; it’s as if he has killed her.”

Is Sarah Cole dead or alive?

• By dismissing someone based on their appearance, you are limiting what you can learn from that person

• Although Ron loved Sarah, it wasn’t despite her appearance. He was first intrigued because of her appearance.

• Throughout their relationship, Sarah’s appearance was always an obstacle for Ron

• Ron left her because his experiment was over, and he no longer needed her

• It wasn’t until years later that Ron realized what he had thrown away

• “Leave you ugly bitch”. Ron remained unchanged
Ron's Character:
her carefree lifestyle contrasts Ron
Ron's position in society
Sarah is out of place, not part of that area of society
does not "belong" in Ron's lifestyle
Ron's smooth, clean, organised and fit lifestyle
only has space for one person- doesn't have room for affection for others
independent lifestyle
Carefree lifestyle/homely appearance
very strong sexual desire
Ron is self-motivated
His desire does not last long
an intense feeling of deep affection.
In the end, he does not care about her
"tiny, slightly crossed, dark brown eyes, pocked complexion, bulbous nose, loose mouth, twisted and gapped teeth and heavy but receding chin"
"her ugly face, like wart hog's, her thick rapid voice, her dumpy, off-center wreck of a body"
"as if instead he were speaking to the most beautiful woman he has ever seen perhaps ever will see"
"The truth is,I was pretty, extremely so, and she was not, extremely so, and I knew it and she knew it"
Ron, an extraordinary good-looking young man, finds himself inexplicably attracted to the homeliest woman he had ever met: Sarah Cole. After a few drinks and striking conversations at their local bar, Osgood’s, Ron soon finds himself wanting Sarah in his life, the lust he feels for her is overwhelming. Yet due to his perception of beauty in society he only wishes to be with her in secret.
connects to society-as he manipulates the point of view and the way the reader perceives Ron, the same way society manipulates the people
is choosing what parts he wants to tell and changes to third person when he is ashamed. Where as society has a predetermined idea, which molds the way we think and hides the truth.

"he found himself falling into her eyes"
Was Ron hinting at something more?
If society didn't play a role, would their relationship be successful?
If the roles were switched and Sarah was attractive, would Sarah Cole want to be with Ron?
“determined to make love to a man much prettier than any she had seen up close before.”
What qualities would your perfect partner have?
Ron is unhappy and good looking – Direct
Thinks extremely highly of himself
Reader questions is he really as nice and good looking as he says
Says he is a nice man but acts in a very shallow and superficial way
It is implied that he takes advantage of a lot of girls
Tries to “hit it and quit it”
Acts cruelly towards Sarah and objectifies her “as if she were an object in the context of mine. I did not know how cruel this was”
The author implies he is somewhat of a coward and he is embarrassed to go out in public with Sarah. He thought “there was nothing about her appearance that in the hard light of day would not have slightly embarrassed [him]”
Ron puts a lot of focus on outer beauty and making himself look good. This makes it hard for him to focus on anything other than Sarahs looks.
“there was nothing about her appearance that in the hard light of day would not have slightly embarrassed [him]”
Sarah gets back together with her ex at the end of the story
- Sarah talks about how horrible her relationship was with her ex-husband
- Page 6, Sarah says "I don't know why I married him

Ron falling in love with Sarah:
- Ron is presented as an incredibly good looking man whereas Sarah is portrayed as extremely homely.
- Page 5, the narrator asks the question "What kind of man would fall in love with Sarah Cole"

Banks uses irony to confuse readers about Ron and Sarah's relationship, which mirrors the narrator's feeling of their relationship.
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