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The Effect of Salt,Sugar, and Pepper on the Freezing Point of Water

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Angel Cruz

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of The Effect of Salt,Sugar, and Pepper on the Freezing Point of Water

- As the temperature began to reach the freezing point, the slower the molecules moved to reach a solid formation. During this, water molecules must reach a rate where the molecules entering and exiting are the same.
- Since the condiments were added into the water, it slowed down the process of hydrogen and oxygen (H2O) forming into ice.
- The whole process of this interruption is called freezing point depression.
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"Why Does Salt Lower Freezing Point and Raise Boiling Point of Water?" SEED Schlumberger Excellence In Educational Development. Schlumberger Excellence In Educational Development, n.d. Web. 11 Apr. 2013. <http://www.planetseed.com/posted_faq/50342>.

"Does Sugar Affect the Freezing of Water? Why?" Infoplease. Infoplease, n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. <http://www.infoplease.com/askeds/colligative-properties.html>
- My hypothesis was supported with the results we received, which also allowed us to gain new information we did not know before. I found out that adding different condiments to water will affect the solution's freezing temperature. I did not know that salt would have the most effect, and that pepper would have the least.
- salt
- sugar
- pepper
- water
- 9 thermometers
- plastic basin
- 9 small containers
- freezer
- ice cube trays
- measuring cups
1. Prepare the ice cubes by mixing 200g of salt into a liter of water, then pouring them into the ice cube trays. Place trays into freezer, leaving them overnight to freeze.
Procedures continued...
3. Prepare the 9 solutions and mix them thoroughly (we have also researched the conversion of ml to g.)
a) Salt 5g - Mix 100 mL of water with 5g of salt
b) Salt 10g - Mix 100 mL of water with 10g of salt
c) Salt 15g - Mix 100 mL of water with 15g of salt
d) Sugar 5g - Mix 100 mL of water with 5g of sugar
e) Sugar 10g - Mix 100 mL of water with 10g of sugar
f) Sugar 15g - Mix 100 mL of water with 15g of sugar
g) Pepper 5g - Mix 100 mL of water with 5g of pepper
h) Pepper 10g - Mix 100 mL of water with 10g of pepper
i) Pepper 15g - Mix 100 mL of water with 15g of pepper

4. Place the frozen salted ice cubes into the basin. Add additional ice packs on the bottom of the basin to quicken the freezing process.
Intro & Purpose
Data & Results
Background Information:
The Effect of Salt, Sugar, and Pepper on Freezing Point of Water
- water's freezing point is at 32°F/0°C
- When a liquid is beginning to freeze, atoms in the liquid begin to lose their energy, and stop moving

My experiment involves testing whether adding pepper, salt or sugar to water would affect the water's freezing point.

Independent Variable:
The amount of sugar, salt or pepper added into the water to make the solution
Dependent Variable:
The temperature at which the solutions freeze
- same thermometer
- same brand of salt/sugar/pepper
- same controlled environment/room temp.
- same containers holding the solutions
- same amount of exposure to ice for all the containers holding the solutions (4 cm)
- same freezer
I think that the amount of salt, sugar, and pepper will affect the freezing point of water because when increasing the amount of salt, sugar, pepper added into the water, the lower the freezing point will be.
Experimental Group:
The small containers with salt, sugar, and pepper

Control Group:
The small container with water only

2. The following day, label the 9 containers: Salt 5g, Salt 10g, Salt 15g, Sugar 5g, Sugar 10g, Sugar 15g, Pepper 5g, Pepper 10g and Pepper 15g.
Procedures continued...
5. Place each of the separate mixtures into their containers and place into plastic basin, along with a thermometer in each container.

6. Record the temperature at which the individual mixtures start to form ice crystals, onto a chart.

After conducting my experiment, my hypothesis was supported when adding salt, pepper or sugar had affected the freezing point of the solution. Adding pepper to the water had the least change of freezing point out of the three condiments. Salt had the most change of freezing point. As we predicted, when the amount of the condiment increases, the freezing point of the solution will gradually decrease.
- Having a more controlled room temperature.

- Preparing the salted ice cubes a few days ahead.
Thanks for Watching!
By: Angel Cruz
Class: 801
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