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Lake Balaton

Hanna Magyar,Dóri Bagi

Hanna Magyar

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Lake Balaton

Bagi Dóra
Magyar Hanna Lake Balaton A bit about the Lake What is it famous for? Volcanic Hill Badacsony Active Pursuits Where you can find it? Basics Average depth: 3-4 m The water is the deepest between the Siófok and Szemes basins at the so-called Tihany well with 11.5 m depth Length 77 km between Keszthely and Balatonakarattya Its width varies between 3 and 14 km nearest is between Tihany and Szántód Northern shore Sandy beaches between Balatonaliga and Balatongyörök Historic Sights Around Lake Balaton Keszthely Festetics castle Golden Shore Silver Shore Balatonfüred medical centre Blaha Lujza Villa Jókai Villa cycle paths windsurfing sailing bunge jumping water ski Tihany Natural Beauties Káli basin Kis (Small) Balaton National Parks Kápolnapuszta buffalo reserve Africa Museum and Safari Park at Balatonederics What to Eat at Lake Balaton? pike perch Fisherman's soup goulash paprika chicken fried sausages lángos Our experiences Thanks for watching! :) Europe's largest fresh water lake:"The Hungarian Sea" Hungary in the middle of Transdanubia
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