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Spain Builds an American Empire

No description

Joshua Johnson

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Spain Builds an American Empire

The Voyages of Columbus
Welcome Back 2-13-13
1. Based on Source A, was the legacy of Columbus a positive or negative thing?

2. In what ways do Sources B and C agree about Columbus?

3. Which aspect of the legacy of Columbus does the illustration in Source D show?

4. If you had to construct a T-chart of the positive and negative impacts of Columbus' voyages
Spanish Conquests in Peru
Francisco Pizarro
Spain Builds an American Empire
Chapter 20 Section 1
Please clear you desks, you will take a quiz covering Japan (19.3) shortly
Listening Questions
1) In your opinion, what is each verse of the song about? What evidence (specific lyrics) can you use to justify your opinion?
1) Summary
Today's Agenda 2-13-13
1) 19.3 Quiz
2) Lecture- Spanish Empire
3) Finish ACT/MME bubbling
Evolution of Exploration
Spanish intended to transform the islands of the Caribbean into
lands controlled by another nation
What do you know about the Americas before Columbus?
Spanish Conquests in Mexico
1519 Hernando Cortés landed on the shores of Mexico
rumors of vast lands filled with gold and silver
Spanish=1st to colonize the Americas and leave lasting impact
Cortés Conquers the Aztecs
Cortés learns of the vast/wealthy Empire
“disease of the heart that only gold can cure.”
Cortés and his men conquered the Aztecs in 1521
How could 500, conquer 25,000,000?
1) Spanish had the advantage of superior weaponry
2) Enlist the help of various native groups
3) Disease*
HW= Read 20.1 (quiz)
Entry 2-10-13
1) How is Cortes described?

2) How many people does Montezuma rule over?

3) What was Cortes’ plan?

4) How does the Aztecs respond to the capture of Cortes?

5) What does Montecuzma command his people to do? How do they respond?

6) What lethal “time bomb” did Cortes leave behind?
Exit 2-7-13
Conquers Inca Empire
Spain’s Pattern of Conquest
Spanish settlers=mostly men
intermix with the native population
race determines status
(racial caste system)
oppression built into society
The Encomienda System
exploit the land for its precious resources
natives farm & mine
many worked to death
The Portuguese in Brazil
Cabral claimed the land for Portugal
began growing sugar
giant sugar plantations
Spain’s Influence Expands
help Spain become one of the wealthiest/most powerful nations in world (16th century)
ushers in a golden age of art and culture in Spain
built a powerful navy to protect trade
Opposition to Spanish Rule
religious figures begin to criticize the treatment of Native Americans
Bartolomé de Las Casas
African Slavery and Native Resistance
Spanish government abolished encomienda system in 1542
Who can replace the labor of natives?
“The labor of one . . . [African] . . . [is] more valuable than that of four Indians,

Bartolome De Las Casas
Natives throughout the Americas resist too
Today's Agenda 2-11-13
Welcome Back 2-11-13
Examining The Issues
What are the advantages and disadvantages of not fighting?• Which might be the lesser of two evils—supporting the Aztecs, whom you know as oppressors, or the fierce invaders, about whom you know almost nothing?
use the
to answer the following questions
1) Examining The Issues
2) Lecture- The Spanish Empire
3) The Legacy of Columbus
way to organize labor
Asian wealth
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