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Does "Winning" Matter in Athlete Alumni Giving?

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Zachary Harris

on 21 April 2018

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Transcript of Does "Winning" Matter in Athlete Alumni Giving?

Does "Winning" Matter in Athlete Alumni Giving?
An Analysis by Zach Harris

Why Look at Former Student-Athletes?
Previous research has focused on all gifts to athletic departments, not specifically identifying former student-athletes as a targeted group.

Better understanding the motivating factors behind alumni athlete giving can help athletic development offices segment their alumni and make targeted solicitations to help achieve fundraising goals.

Colleges and Universities have made a strong push to improve alumni giving due to the importance that alumni giving rates have on college rankings.
Research Question:
Does "winning" impact the giving habits of former student-athletes?

Student-athletes who have participated in the NCAA Tournament are more likely to make a donation (to athletics) than those who did not participate.

In order to remain competitive at the highest level, the need for donations to college athletic departments has become more vital than ever.
From 1993-2002, the average expenses incurred by a Division I athletic program rose from $13M to $27M (Fulks, 2002).
Previous research in athletic fundraising has been centered on the motivations that drive athletic giving
Mahony's 12 Motivators Towards
Athletic Giving (2003)
Priority Seating for Basketball
Business Enhancement
Psychological Commitment
Priority Seating for Football
Success I - Tradition
Success II - Current Success
Success III - Future Success
Success IV - Community Pride
So, why ask the question of whether or not winning affects giving among former student-athletes?
Data Set:
80s Men's Basketball Alumni and 90s Women's Volleyball Alumnae

Success, Accurate/Reasonably Sized Rosters, 20+ years out of college

Data Source:
USD ADVANCE (USD's Donor Database), USDTOREROS.COM archives (Rosters)

Data Collection:
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