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british cuisine

No description

Uyen Fuhr

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of british cuisine

British Cuisine

- British cuisine
- Modern cuisine
- Ainsley Harriott
- Jamie Oliver
- Food habits and advertising
- Obesity

British Cuisine
Cooking traditions and practices
Regional or local dishes
High quality ingredients
Cultural influence
Bad reputation
Strange names
Jamie Oliver
Television shows and cookbooks
Food from scratch
Inspire people globally
Improve the unhealhy diets
"Most inspiring political figure"
Fight obesity
Fish & Chips

Yorkshire pudding
Roast meat
Tod in the hole
Lancashire hotpot
Modern British Cuisine
Ainsley Harriott
Food Habits
Global society
Meat buying habits
Italian food
Food Advertising
Young people
Childhood obesity
Food labeling

- Late 1970s
- High quality
- Combined
- After WWII

Northern Irish
Haggis neeps and tatties
TV chef
TV shows

Highest in Europe
Scotland - 27.7%
England - 24.8%
Nothern Ireland - 23%
Wales - 22%
Public Health England
60% men
50% women
25% kids
Poor diet
Lack of exercise
Easy access to unhealthy food
Fruit and vegetables prices
Less active jobs
Drive more
Advances in technology
Change4Life - 2009
Television adverts
Similar in Scotland
The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges - 2013
Recommendations to handle obesity
Junk food advertises after 9 pm
Fast food restaurants away from schools
20% tax on sugary drinks for 1 year
The spokesman for the Department of Health in The Guardian said: “It’s unlikely that they will come into force during this Parliament”.
Thank You for Your Attention
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