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Ancient egypt

No description

on 26 November 2015

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Transcript of Ancient egypt

Ancient egypt
Gods and Religion
The ancient Egypt religion was a complex system of politheistics beliefs and rituals which were esencial in ancient egypt community. Gods were important for people because they believed that gods were esencial for peace.
Farming and The Nile
Nile river
Egyptians lived in farming villages as far as 5000 B.C. Egyptians cultivate near the Nile river because this land was fertile and because the river left a black mud called silt. They grew enough food reverves for themselves and for export to other civilizations. Egyptians grew fruits,
From the highlands of East Africa to the Mediterranean sea, the nile river flows northward across Africa. The river give water to Egypt. The river is surronded by the Sahara desert. Some of the environmental challenges are caused by the river. the river divide egypt. The Nile provide an
Food and drink
Ancient Egypt had no silverware so alll food was eaten with their hands. Beer and wine were the most populate drinks for the people of all the social classes. The poor people ate unleaved bread, onions, and sometimes fish. Beer was the usual drink. Beef and other meats were
Houses depended and still depending in social class. At that time most of the houses had at least 3 rooms and all houses had flat roofs which formed part of the living area. Poorest people had very cheap house that were not very strong and began to crumble after a few years, while richest people had stronger houses because they could afford to build their home from stone.
Clothing and jewelry
Clothing was made out of white linen, and wool, but it wasn't allow in temples. Men normally wore loincloths or short skirts. Men shirts were worn in some periods of their story. Women wore robes or tight dresses, some cover their breasts, depending on the time. Children
Egyptians used jewelry to brighten up their plain outfits. Gold jewelry was available for the rich people. For those with less wealth, copper and jewelry called faience was cheap. Thick necklaces were commonly eorn as wre bracelets and earings.
For Egyptians fishing was a sport and a source of food. The people caught fishes with woven, dragnets and weir-baskets made from willow branches, fishing nets for smaller fish and harpoons.
At that time people trained dogs so they could hunt animals like :gazzeles, rabits, red foxes and hyenas.
cattle were driven out to the pasturs or filds during the day and people tied stones with thick-palm-fiber ropes to make sure the cattle didn’t trample to much of the grass. At night they were herded to palisaded pens to protect them from wild beasts. In the winter they were housed in a structure similar to a barn
For an ancient Egyptian, entertainment eases up a day's worth of hard work. If you would examine their own pastimes, you may be surprised that they have similar pastimes compared to us. Telling stories, playing sports, and throwing a party were some of the tings that they do in that time.
Funerary customes
Egiptians believed that the body was the link to a spiritual existencein the afterline. The body was mummified so the spirit could get needed food and drink in the afterline. Mummification was a long and expensive process.
Egyptians were very concerned with appearances. They use cosmetics to work and play. Cosmetics protected field workers from sun and heat.
Eye makeup was used on females, males and even children. Men and women applied makeup called kohl to their eyes, it was made of minerals mixed with water. It was gray, black or green. They also soaked flowers and fragant woods in oil and rubbed it in their skin. They keep their cosmetics in chests.
To have the highest position, people ha to be able to read and write. The development of writing was one of the keys to the growth og Egypt.
Simple pictograpgs were the earliest form of writing, but scribes quickly developed a writing system called hieroglyphics. In the earliest form of hieroglyphics writing, a picture stood for an idea. Then picture also stood for sounds. They were first written on stone and clay.
By: maria Jose Bastidas, Sophie Natlie Tobias and Manuela Blanco 6C
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