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Advantages to living in Athens

No description

Alyssa Weisbrodt

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Advantages to living in Athens

Advantages to living in Athens
. The buildings are very beautiful
. They focus on good education
. They are a Direct Democracy (you get to vote if you are a man)
. Trade is very easy
. They liked to play or listen to music
. They liked to put on plays
. They liked to make pottery
. They competed in the Olympic games
The homes are very beautiful. Athenians were known for there art and architecture. There are beautiful old homes, but they aren't very big. Homes were usually made of sun dried bricks and had mud floors.
Map of Greece
Why Sparta should be avoided
. Sparta is very dangerous and could start a fight at any time.
. Spartans train all there life for war so if you make one of them mad they could hurt you.
Visiting Athens
Travel Alerts
. You are always at risk of being attacked by Sparta.
. Weather was also very hazardous
Athenian Building
Leisure activities
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