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Jonas- The Giver- Characterization Example

No description

Rachael Ackley

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Jonas- The Giver- Characterization Example

"Apprehensive, Jonas Decided. That's what I am" (4).
Jonas's choice of word, apprehensive, reveals that he is very careful about language. He knows the rules in his society and always follows them carefully. As precision of language is an important rule, he does his best to adhere to it and puts lots of thought into his word choice. Readers can identify Jonas as a thoughtful and obedient citizen.
This apple represents Jonas's uniqueness. Jonas recognized something in the apple that none of his friends noticed. He was able to see "something change". This situation highlighted the different qualities in Jonas's character.
"You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over."
- Richard Branson
The idea of making rules and breaking them in order to experience life is something that connects to Jonas's character. He is someone who has always followed the rules and never questioned them. Now, with his new job as Receiver of Memory, he has been told that he is allowed to lie and he is not required to follow some of the same rules as the other citizens. In order for Jonas to fully experience his role as Receiver, he needs to let go of his past and all that he knows of the world, and prepare himself for new experiences that he will surely learn from.
Jonas is identified by having pale eyes. As a reader, this description stands out. Most other citizens are described as having dark eyes. Jonas and Gabe both share this trait. Having pale eyes distinguishes Jonas from other 12s in the community. Readers recognize that he is special. These eyes have a connection with an essential trait one must have in order to become The Receiver: the ability to see Beyond. Jonas expresses that he does think he has this ability. Possibly connected directly to his pale eyes.
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