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Communicating Clear Learning Goals and Scales

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Melissa Houck

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Communicating Clear Learning Goals and Scales

Learning Goals
Scales Specific scales Moving from Learning Goals to Scales Learning Goals should:
*be clear and concise, covering an activity, lesson or unit, provide direction for students to assess their learning

*be created by teachers; however, students can then create their own goals based on the goals set by the teacher

*be A STATEMENT…not just a few words,
explain the learning that is taking place in a lesson, unit or semester, and follow a specific format Do Now: Rate yourself on the learning scale Celebrate success! Involve students in tracking the goal Practice, from the learning goal you wrote earlier, create a learning scale utilizing Marzano’s taxonomy. Generic scales How does the Common Core Standards mirror Marzano’s Taxonomy? Using Marzano’s Taxonomy Practice with one of your learning standards. Using Learning Standards Unpacking the Standards Basing your learning goals on learning standards rather than pet projects or fun activities
Writing the appropriate number of goals
Establishing learning goals that are challenging, significant and varied Common Challenges to Writing Clear Learning Goals Practice Learning Goals for this session:
-Participants will be able to determine and identify clear learning goals and scales.
-Participants will be able to create yearly learning goals with a scale. Essential Question:
How will I
learning goals
and scales? Yearly Learning Goals Notice that students have markers that they place on the point on the scale as a n exit ticket. How do DQ’s 1-5 mirror Marzano’s Taxonomy? As a rule of thumb, declarative learning goals begin with:
The student will understand . . .

Procedural learning goals begin with:

The student will be able to . . .

Complex tasks may involve both declarative and procedural knowledge. Learning goals of this nature are written as:
The student will understand ―x‖ and be able to ―y.‖ Learning Goal Format Exercise 2.1 Learning Goal vs. Activity Chapter heading
List of topics
Learning activity
Assignment What a learning goal is not: Specific statement of what a student will know or be able to do as a result of instruction. What a learning goal is: What are some of the strategies discussed for communicating clear learning goals and scales?
Why are learning goals and scales important? Poignant Quotations What is the data telling us?
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