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Hero's Journey:Divergent

No description

Elizabeth Railey

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey:Divergent

Hero's Journey: Divergent
Beatrice Prior is a member of the faction Abnegation whose purpose is to live selflessly and serve others. She feels out of place and feels as if she doesn't belong.
Ordinary World
Beatrice is of the age where she must decide her fate at the Choosing Ceremony. She will have to select the faction of her choice and once the decision is made, it is final. If you depart to another faction, you cannot return to your family. As they say in the divergent world... "Faction before blood"
Call to Adventure
The threshold is symbolized by a heroic leap into the unknown void. When given this task Beatrice uses her bravery and dives off of the building into the net, entering the new Dauntless world. She not only completes this but volunteers to be the first person to jump.
Crossing The Threshold
When Tris enters the Dauntless compound the first person she meets is her soon to be mentor and lover, Four. He helps her transform into dauntless soldier and helps her hide her Divergence.
Meet in the Mentor
Her gift of divergence sets her apart from others. She learns from the aptitude test that she has qualities from the factions of dauntless, abnegation, and erudite.
Special Weapon
Tris overcomes many challenges while passing dauntless initiation. She must fight others and face her biggest fears all while concealing her true identity. She makes a few friends along the way who support her such as Tori, Christina, Will, and Four. She also discovers Jeneane Matthews plot to kill all divergents, making her an obvious enemy along with Eric and Peter who make her life in the dauntless compound as miserable as possible.
Challenges, Allies, Enemies
Tris struggles through her journey to pass initiation in the dauntless faction in order to prove herself and become a true dauntless.
Abyss or Approach
After the simulation is shut down, Tris finds herself unsure what to do next. The faction system had collapsed, her parents are dead, and she'd killed her best friend out of self-defense. She grew stronger and more independent from these tragic occurrences.
At the end of the movie there is no Return because their journey has not ended yet, it has just come to a calm point.
The hero of this movie is Beatrice Prior. She overcomes all odds and comes a dauntless solider and when everything goes wrong she gets others and herself to safety.
Four, or Tobias, is the main mentor in this movie. He helps Tris become a dauntless soldier without the leaders finding out about her divergent abilities. Another mentor would be Tori, who helps her understand what she is and why that is dangerous.
Peter is the trickster in this movie because he is always nagging on Tris and trying to make her believe that she cannot become a soldier because she is a stiff, a person from abnegation. This overall pushes Tris to do better so when he tries to bring her down it actually helps her.
The Villain in this movie is most certainly Jeannine Mathews. At first she believes that Tris will help her find the divergence so she can kill them. Little does she know that Tris is one of them. Nearing the end of the movie, she uses a serum to control the Dauntless faction so she can take over Abnegation and rule over the Divergent World.
Tobias is controlled by a new form of the serum that he can't resist despite his divergence. Tris sneaks into the dauntless compound to shut down the computer controlling the simulation and finds Tobias operating it. He tries to kill her, not being in control of himself, but Tris believes in him and suddenly he recognizes her and overcomes the simulation.
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