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Semantic Commerce Teaser

No description

Itembase GmbH

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Semantic Commerce Teaser

The online Inventory for Everyone and Everything presented by Stefan Jørgensen, CEO Best thing – it happens automatically It talks to your other online services Ecommerce Market Analytics Recommendations forward old receipts shop with it you@itembase.com Ownership recommendations
Product Lifecycle
Product Bundling Business Model $973 billion ~15% CAGR fax www 1995 email shopping clubs deals social 2000 2015 2010 2005 1985 Empowering Shops to take on Amazon with Data 1. sign up and get your personal itembase shopping email Share with friends and owners Templates for RMA and Warranty Sell with 1 Click Resulting in this 2. use the email anywhere you go shopping 3. or transfer your purchase directly via our partnershop widget scan barcodes We pull in and structure all the information for you Content Social Product Tagging
Product Content
Pictures Cross-Shop
Enhanced with Social Data Status Launching shops: Distribution partners: > 250k transactions/month > 120k web shops *Final negotiations
** LOI
*** Contract signed * * ** *** Plug-in conversion: Shop transactions 4,5% of customers register with Itembase Itembase users share inventories in social networks (automatic, 100%) 4% conversion of social network shares to visits Total Itembase users Plug-in at check out (100%) * Tests with n=600 * Waiting List: * * + 14 smaller shops
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