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Legal Studies

No description

Natalie Bou-Simon

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Legal Studies

egal Studies
Prelim yr 11
Preliminary Course Year 11
Part I: The Legal System

Focus- Students develop an understanding of the nature and functions of law through the examination of the law-making processes and institutions.

- Basic Legal Concepts
- Sources of Australian Law
- Classification of Law
- Law Reform
- Law Reform In Action (Sexual Assault)

Part III: Options: World Order and Family Law
Part II: core topics human rights
Aim of the subject
Legal Studies develops students’ knowledge, understanding and critical thinking skills in
relation to the legal system and its

effectiveness in promoting a just and fair society
with a
view to
empowering students
to participate effectively as responsible citizens at the local,
national and international level.
Benefits of choosing Legal Studies
Part III- law in practice
Focus- Students investigate contemporary issues that illustrate how the law operates in practice.

Investigate at least TWO contemporary issues, focusing on the mechanisms for achieving justice and the responsiveness of the legal system when attempts are made to achieve justice.

Topics that may be studied include:
- Outlawed Motorcycle Gangs
- Children and Young People
- Domestic Violence

Assessment Weighting
Part II: The Individual and The Law

Focus- Students investigate the way in which the law impacts on individuals by referring to legal and non-legal institutions, laws and media reports.

- Your Rights and Responsibilities
- Resolving Disputes
- Contemporary Issues: The Individual and Technology

Examples that may be studied include:
- Social networking sites
- Cyber-bullying
- Privacy
- Cyberspace
- Mobile phone
- Security and surveillance

HSC Legal Studies Part 1 Crime
Focus- Through the use of a range of contemporary examples, students investigate criminal law, processes and institutions and the tension between community interests and individual rights and freedoms.

- The Nature of Crime
- The Criminal Investigation Process
- Criminal Trial Process
- Sentencing and Punishment
- Young Offenders
- International Crime

Focus- Through the use of a range of
contemporary examples, students investigate the notion of human rights and assess the extent to which legal systems embody such human rights and promote them in practice.

- The Nature and Development of Human Rights
- Promoting and Enforcing Human Rights
- Investigate a contemporary issue, which illustrates the promotion and/or enforcement of human rights.

Issues could include:
- Torture
- Genocide
- Abuse of Children
- Child Soldiers

Focus- Through the use of contemporary examples, students investigate the legal nature of family relationships and the effectiveness of the law in achieving justice.
- The Nature of Family Law
- Responses To Problems In Family Relationships
- Contemporary Issues Concerning Family Law:

Focus- Through the use of contemporary examples, students investigate the effectiveness of legal and non-legal measures in promoting peace and resolving conflict between nation states.

World Order:
- The Nature of World Order
- Responses To World Order
- Contemporary Issues Concerning World Oder

-Better preparation for life.
-Respect for cultural diversity.
-Questions and evaluates legal institutions.
-Knowledge of your rights and responsibilities.
-You become legal scientists: looking at evidence, dissecting the information, and finding the truth.
-You become advocates for those who have been mistreated by other individuals, society, and even by the law.
-You are equipped with the necessary tools that are needed in everyday life.
-excellent foundation course for law, business/commerce, accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, international and global studies.
Don't be the student that misses out on a subject that is unlike any other!
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