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1st day, 9th grade

No description

Justin Unruh

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of 1st day, 9th grade

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Mr. Unruh, call me Mr. U
1st Day of School!!!!!
1. Take out a piece of paper
2. Write your name on your piece of paper(what you want to be called in class), and three facts about yourself.
3.Fold your papers into paper airplanes!
Don’t know how?
1. Throw your paper airplanes anywhere you want, and keep throwing them until I say STOP!
2. Pick up the airplane closest to you.
3. Unfold it and find the person who it belongs to, and introduce yourself, and go over the 3 facts about that person.
4. Each student will introduce the person whose airplane they have in front of class.
Now What?
Any questions you might have about me, now is the time to ask.
Lets talk about me
Objective: We will describe Classroom Procedures
We will describe our fellow classmates and Mr. U.
Prior Knowledge:
Classroom Procedures
1. Be Respectful to everyone
2. No talking while the teacher is talking

Entering the Classroom- When the student sets foot inside the classroom.(Poster)
Cooperative Group- When students work in groups. (Poster)
Think Pair Share- When students work with their A or B partner, discuss their thoughts, and formulate an answer.
Exit the classroom-When students leave the classroom when the teacher has directed to do so.
Example 1- Everyone out and walk back in according to Entering the classroom procedure.
Example 2- Cooperative Groups, 4 volunteers
Example 3- TPS, 2 volunteers
Example 4- 1 volunteer to exit the classroom

1. Classroom Rules
a. pick group leaders

Sentence Frame
One important rule in the classroom is________ because___________.
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