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Emotion In The Movies

Presentation for Psychology 4515, OSU, Dr. Pettijohn

Bobbi Wilds

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Emotion In The Movies

Emotions and the Silver Screen
Movies and Love (Romance Oh lala)
Movies and Anger *$%#@^*()!!
Movies and Fear (insert creepy music here!)
What make you happy when watching a movie?
Why does it make you happy?
Movies and Happiness :)
What are you feeling now?
Movies and Sadness :(
Movies and Society
We couldn't leave you on a bummer..
Well not a complete bummer...
Welcome to Lisa and Bobbi's Presentation
About Movies and Emotion..... Enjoy!
Movie Dudes!
When you think of love and romance what comes to your mind? (Close your eyes and think of that special someone)
Do you feel
under your collar?
Do you feel your heart race
Are you smiling :)?
Are you remembering a special moment (awww)?
Do you remember a lost love or a new crush?
One of the wonderful things about movies is you can get all those feelings in one sitting and for the bargain price of a ticket and a box of popcorn.
How well do you handle your anger?
Do you jump?
Do you scream?
Do you throw your arms in the air?
Happiness is the spice of life!
We feel love and romance in similar ways as we do other emotions. Depending on which theorist you follow:
1. We perceive a stimulus
2. We evaluate/interpret what we see
3. Feel an emotion
4. Our body reacts (this could be at the same time as one of the above
While sitting watching a movie(s) we are seeing a series of events being played out in an environment. We connect with the characters within that environment.
Have you ever noticed how you feel after a romantic movie? (ok if you haven't been drug to it)

Can you feel the love?
Studies have shown....
Many movies of today tend to have a positive ending instead of a sad of negative one, why is that?
Even with sad endings in movies, could it be possible to find some other inspiration or emotion to cope?
Can you remember a movie that was sad yet inspired you?
We see sadness and we feel all the emotions that connect with sadness. We then get a feeling to do something so the sadness doesn't happen again
Thank you for you attention and participation
Autographs will be available upon request!
Some of the movies we see reflect our current times and we connect with them just as easily as other films.
Try an experiment the next time you go to the movies...
Some studies have shown:

hap·pi·ness noun \ha-pē-ns\
Definition of HAPPINESS
1 obsolete: good fortune : prosperity
2 a: a state of well-being and contentment : joy b: a pleasurable or satisfying experience
3: felicity, aptness
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ~Mahatma Gandhi
Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values. ~Ayn Rand
Happiness is different from pleasure. Happiness has something to do with struggling and enduring and accomplishing.~George Sheehan
Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. ~Aristotle
Do you laugh because you're happy or are you happy because you laugh?
Think of the scariest movie you have ever seen.
You are watching it all play out from a different perspective than the character,
Mad Scientists I mean research has shown....
On dressing up for Halloween:

''People need an opportunity to let their inhibitions out, to let the child out, which we're not allowed to do every day,'' he said. ''When you put the mask on, you're able to be and say what you want.'' Last year Mr. Goldman dressed up as Aunt Jemima. This year he plans to be an alien.
Psychologists agree with Mr. Goldman's theory -- that people change when they put on a costume. But more important, they said, is the rush people get facing fear. ''Your Type T's -- this is for them,'' Dr. Farley said. ''There are presumably other days for other parts of the human personality spectrum, but this is the day for the thrill seeker in us.''
What scared you as a child? How about now that you are an adult?
is described as a
strong feeling of
annoyance, displeasure,
or hostility.
Anger is the natural emotion created in a fight-or-flight situation by the physiology of your mind and body. When you sense a threat your mind generates fear and anger. The fear you generate is part of a flight response from your physiology. Anger is the emotional energy you generate for the fight against that perceived threat.
After watching a movie where the
bad guy gets away, you are angry!
When you retell the story later, you
get angry all over again!
Who has done this?
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