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No description

Andraya Gacke

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of WIDA ACCESS Test

-Used to measure and report overall language growth.
-Used to measure progress to meet No Child Left Behind standards.
-Measure English Language Proficiency levels 1-6
-Aids in determining classroom placement and ELL services.
WIDA Consortium:
The consortium is a group whose purpose is to develop standards and assessments that meet NCLB and provide educational equality.

In addition to standards and assessments they provide research and professional development as meaningful tools for educators.
State education departments that join the Consortium give the ACCESS for ELLs test annually.
34 member states including MN, ND
ACCESS Information:
-4 portions to the test: Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing
-Listening, Reading & Writing are given similary to State Standardized tests.
-Speaking is given one-on-one and scored by the student's teacher.
Test forms are divided into 5 grade level clusters:
- Kindergarten
-Grades 1-2
-Grades 3-5
-Grades 6-8
-Grades 9-12
Within each grade level (except K) tests are divided into 3 Tiers:
-Tier A (beginning)
-Tier B (intermediate)
Tier C (advanced)
Levels of English
Language Proficiency
Parent Report
Teacher Report
Teacher reads a passage.
Student responds to question.
Student reads section.
Teacher reads questions.
Writing Prompts.
Writing Space
Picture and Teacher question prompts.
Rubric to score response.
Speaking Score
-Shows general
test results.

-Is available in
41 languages.

-Great thing to
talk about at
fall conferences.
-Shows student
proficiency levels.

-Gives specific
scores in content

-When reviewing
scores refere
back to CanDo
The ACCESS for ELL's

Research Article Ussage:
Kenyon, D. M., MacGregor, D., Li, D., & Cook, G. H. (2011). Issues in vertical scaling of a K-12 english language proficiency test. Language Testing, 28(3), 383-400. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/889924180?accountid=28603
Fox, J., & Fairbairn, S. (2011). Test review: ACCESS for ELLsR]. Language Testing, 28(3), 425-431. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/889927181?accountid=28603
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