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Pack Bot

No description

corbin hernandez

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Pack Bot

A robot is a machine that is programmable
by a computer and usually moves in some way.
What is a robot?
We have robots to do stuff that we cant do.
Why do we have robots?
There is the Pack Bot , medicalbot , marsrover , qrio , hrp , asimo , paro.
Name some different types of
The controller , arms , end effector , drive and the sensors.
What are the main components of a robot?
The term came from a language called Czech.
Where did the term "Robot" come from?
This is the pack bot senors.
Pack Robot sensors.
The pack bot is used to disarm dangerous explosives safely. Using its arm and the atachments.
Pack Bots software
The pack bot is made up of its modular parload ports , heavy dudty tracks , gps antenna , and lithium-ion batteries .
The pack bot can go up to 8 mph.
The pack bot was used in 2002 in Afghanistan and again in 2003 in Iraq.
The pack bot cost $43 million.
This s the pack bot with its
arm extended out.
This video is showing the different tool it has.
The pack bot has different tools to do different stuff like to grab bombs and disable land mines and ex.
This the controller to
the pack bot.
Pack Bot
By: Corbin Hernandez
The system is characterized by distinctive "flippers" which offer continuous 360 degrees rotation and negotiation of rough terrain and obstacles such as stairs, rocks, logs, rubble and debris.
What is the pack bot
made of?


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