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Introducing Manners

What are manners?

Jenny Harding

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Introducing Manners

Introducing... Manners!! What ARE manners? Manners are the law of human
behavoir that keep us acting
properly. What can manners be used for? Manners can be used in many diffrent ways. One of the main ways is stereotyping We might think that they have not finished education. For example if someone was eating
really quickly and they had no table
manners... What different types of manners
are there? The MAIN types of manners are: Eating,
dressing and greeting manners. Those manners I just listed are
the ones that most people pay
attention to. Or other untrue things When DO we use our manners? When do we use our manners? Dressing and eating manners should
always be used, but greeting how-
ever...needs more care... You only use your greeting manners
when you see someone who you know This means that if you see a line of workers walking... You don't have to stand there all day saying hello Thanks for wacthing
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