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Cloud Computing

A 30 minute presentation on Cloud Computing for the staff at provo library

Jessica Bloom

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Cloud Computing

The cloud isn't stored
somewhere in the ether It is actually very physical, you just don't see it Cloud Computing Quiz 1. Which of these is not an example of cloud computing:
You Tube
Microsoft Word For Library Patrons For You: A type of data storage system where data is stored, managed, and processed remotely and accessed by a dummy terminal through the internet. Google Drive Drop Box Rackspace 2. How is our data at Provo Library stored? Locally
On the Cloud
Some other mysterious way Substitution for Flash Drive Evernote Icloud Google Apps Office 365 YouTube Pintrest Facebook Wordpress Blogger Twitter Delicious Picasa 3. Is Prezi an example of cloud computing? Yes
No If so, which type of cloud computing? Online application
Storage blogger Reason #1:
You already do. Probably every day. Reason #2:
Convenience Reason #3:
It's pretty cheap. Collaboration Remote work OR AND Disadvantage #1:
Privacy concerns Disadvantage #2:
Security & Management concerns Disadvantage #3:
Environmental debate Companies store your data - what can they do with it? Wikipedia Laws for your privacy are not well defined Cloud storage centers may be vulnerable to hackers A cellphone or computer without much storage space The data is still stored on a server,
just not one located your home or office Online Applications Online Storage SAAS Personal Use s ervice oftware PAAS I AAS Business Use latform nfastructure http://goo.gl/CbJdk Here is what we want: No download required Familiar site No new user names or passwords The Solution: Free What is Cloud Computing ? Why use it ? How to use cloud computing C l u d C o m p u t i n g Like Web 2.0? Buzzword Google, Dropbox The Internet o Apps, etc Magical Smart Phones Banking Same move, different industries: Groceries Outsourcing Sharing No more e-mailing files Real-time collaboration 4. What do these acronyms stand for?
IAAS 6. What is the best site to show patrons?
Google Drive
Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon Kindle
Drop Box resources: www.prezi.com Cloud U Provo library's cloud computing classes:
Tuesdays in March Amazon Cloud Drive Google Drive Created by:
Jessica Manis Under your mattress At a bank Kitchen Garden Supermarket Customers can loose data Familiar interface Sharing = Storage =
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