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The influence World War Two has on fashion trends then and now

world history end of year independent work study project.

abigail oduro

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of The influence World War Two has on fashion trends then and now

World War Two and its influence on fashion trends through the years. How did fashion change as a result of World War Two. Because of the limited nylon material women often used eyeliner to draw stitches up the back of their legs to create the illusion of stockings. Hair became elaborate to compensate for the simple clothing. After the war people were tired of the minimalist clothing. During late 40's and early 50's the new trends were luxurious and elegant. Christian Dior created the new look. Which included billowing skirts narrow waist,rounded shoulders and a lavish amount of fabrics.Coco Chanel came out with new suits.A-line cuts,floral patterns and pencil skirts became quite popular.New styles focused on the bust and hip line. During World War Two fashion reform occurred as a response to the strained mood and economy in Europe and America. All resources were used for the war effort, as a result materials were rationed strictly. As the war went on the rationing cupons distributed decreased. Beause of the shortage in material and promotions to make do and mend, fashion trends of the era emphasized shorter skirts than ever before, pratical work clothes, and simple styles. Mens fashion during the 1940's consisted of broad shouldered, double breasted suits,trousers with cuffs,bold and coordinated accessories.,the new edwardian look also became popular. Bowler hats, leather jackets and white tee shirts, sports coats, tartan plaids, and courdroy were also very trendy.
Women began to look through there husbands closets for clothes to make do and mend with. They tailered them fit their smaller size. This was the begining of unisex clothing. How did celebrities endorse trends during the war? After the german occupation of france many fashion houses closed down or relocated. france was nolonger the fashion capital giving hollywood the push it needed to be more influentail. Pin up girls and actressess where the main role models for society.Many women looked to them for ideas.Though they were also limited celebraties still had a part in the changing trends. Katerine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich introduced high-waisted trousers for women.At first the style raised speculation but it was soon widely excepted.Bonnie Cashin turned boots into a major accessory and also made alot of changes to sports wear.McCalls was one of the first designers to use patterns in this era. His pattern kits can still be bought in stores today.Of course designers like Coco Chanel and Christian Dior had a major impact along with others such as Chistobal Balenciaga, Claire McCardell, Norman Norell, Adrian and Tina Lesser. Vogue promoted the make do and mend in many issues. Rosie the riviter encouraged women to work and embrace the war times. Women who worked in factories had to be pratical so they wore cover alls and the same clothes as men. Its not fashion until a celebrity wears it.The status of a celebrity influences how people perceive a particular fashion trend . Celebrities are idolized society looks up to them as examples.It has been the same for centuries, from sappo(570B.C) to Lady Gaga(2009).Through every era there are pioneers people who dare to be different,and make a statement, icons. Today we follow designers like Ralph Lauren and Gucci.
all of this 'new' fashion is modified and renewed from history.History tends to repeat its self as do fashion trends. The same way people like Clark Gable and Veronica Lakes,etc. influenced people in their era stars like P.Diddy and Beyonce, ect. influence society now. Why do celebrities have such an impact on fashion trends.
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